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The Marty’s Story

With roots in Birmingham’s historic Five Points South neighborhood, Marty’s GM is the second Marty’s location in the Birmingham metro. Our menu features something for everyone, from our signature smash-style burgers to wings tossed in house-made sauces, and even Beyond burgers for our vegetarian friends. Each week boasts new food specials and we have brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant is family friendly, but our bar won’t leave you hanging if you’re looking for an adult beverage. Our bartenders are some of the best in the game. We’ve got six flat-screen TVs and it won’t bother us one bit if you get excited and yell at the football game. Marty’s GM is has been a proud member of the local community and Irondale’s only sports bar since 2018.

Some people say “it takes a village.” For us, it took a combined 75+ years of experience in Birmingham’s service industry for us to find our new home in Irondale.

Phill and Marsha Mims of Marty’s PM wanted to open a second bar, but did not want to try and replicate PM. Maybe a burger bar would be a good concept? Where would it be? What would it be called? As discussions progressed, they knew the right partners would be the best first step. First they approached Kay Ferguson, longtime partner of Marty Eagle and former owner of the Southside location. Kay shared that Marty always dreamed of expanding the Marty’s brand and opening other locations. The Mimses were thrilled when she agreed to come on board and partner for what would eventually become the second Marty’s location. The team was almost complete. With experience opening bars, restaurants, and breweries in the local market; Berkley Seay was the final piece of the puzzle. As luck would have it, Berkley was already the general manager at Marty’s PM. Phill made the call. The conversation was quick. Berkley was on board. “Marty’s 2” was a go.

After months of planning, site scouting, manual labor, menu testing, and finally settling on a name; Marty’s GM opened on May 17, 2018. Community response far exceeded our expectations and we knew we’d found our new home.

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The Marty's Team

" alt="Marsha M., Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Marsha M.


After moving all over the world as an Army brat, Marsha has finally put down roots and is proud to call Birmingham "home." She has more than 20 years of service industry experience, with 15 of those behind the bar. Since her first bartending shift, Marsha has dreamed of owning her own bar, a dream that was realized when she and husband Phill opened Marty's PM in 2014. A love of hospitality and customer service drive Marsha to continue honing her craft and training her staff members to provide exceptional guest experiences. When she's not at Marty's or planning a community event, Marsha can usually be found snuggling her pups Maple and Walnut.

" alt="Phill M., Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Phill M.


Phill has worked in every form of retail and restaurant service since his adolescence, ranging from bookstore manager to fast food and pizza maker. He found his niche when he joined the bartending staff of a local dive bar and worked his way up to bar manager. Anywhere Phill has worked he has created a culture of acceptance where all are welcome. After 15 years of service at the Plaza it was a naturally progression for Phill and his wife Marsha to move onto another late night location in Five Points South. They purchased Marty's in 2013 and reopened it as Marty's PM in 2014. Phill's experience in food service and the late night bar scene has helped Marty's PM thrive. The idea for Marty's GM came from his desire to expand his hospitality portfolio and Irondale was the ideal location for the new chapter in the Marty's story.

" alt="Kay F., Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Kay F.


Kay was never a bartender. In fact, she only worked daytime jobs before a car accident in 2001 left her unable to perform her previous professional duties. That's where Marty stepped in. Kay had been dating Marty Eagle, founder of Marty's in Five Points, since 1998 and he offered her the opportunity to step behind the bar for the early shift on Saturday afternoons. Saturdays soon turned into Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays before Marty's untimely passing and the subsequent closing of the bar in 2013. Kay will be forever grateful for the support and love she has found in Phill and Marsha and is thankful to be part of the family continuing the Marty's legacy at Marty's GM.

" alt="Berkley S., Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Berkley S.


From fast casual restaurants and dive bars to Birmingham's first breweries, Berkley has truly earned the moniker "Birmingham Berkley," bringing more than 20 years of local service industry experience to Marty's GM. After serving as general manager at Marty's PM, Berkley knew he'd found his niche as part of the Marty's family and didn't have to be asked twice to open Marty's GM as a partner.

" alt="Cortni S. (Tini), General Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Cortni S. (Tini)

General Manager

" alt="Jake W., Kitchen Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Jake W.

Kitchen Manager

" alt="Jeremy H., Bar Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Jeremy H.

Bar Manager

" alt="Jesse C., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Jesse C.


" alt="Jordan T., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Jordan T.


" alt="Josh R. (JRob), Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Josh R. (JRob)


" alt="Larry W., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Larry W.


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