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B.E.L.T. 8

bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato topped with mayo and served with your choice of side

Breakfast Bowl 8

layered with cheese grits, one egg cooked to order, your choice of protein, sausage gravy, topped with cheddar and served with toast

Breakfast Burrito 11

flour tortilla with hasbrowns, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and green onions. served with salsa and sour cream on the side

chicken club 10

chicken breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayo served with your choice of side

Gram’s Puffy French Toast 10

French bread battered in granny's special recipe and fried. covered in homemade whipped cream, redneck syrup, and fresh fruit

Grilled Chicken Nachos 8

BEACON STYLE: queso, house-made BBQ sauce, and scallions LOADED (+$1): lettuce, tomato, cheddar, queso, salsa, sour cream, onions

marty’s burger 9

two patties topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mayo, mustard

patty melt 11

two patties covered in Swiss & American cheeses and grilled onions on toasted wheat bread

The Basic 9

two eggs scrambled, your choice of protein, grits OR hashbrowns, biscuits OR toast

The Marty’s Muffin 9

a buttery english muffin filled with chicken-maple sausage, smoked gouda and a medium fried egg served with your choice of side


All wings options are served with celery and choice of ranch or blue cheese

10 per order 13

with your choice of two sauces

5 per order 7

with your choice of one sauce


2.5 a la carte



Breakfast Sausage

cheese grits

chicken maple sausage


mixed green salad

Sausage Gravy

seasonal fresh fruit

when available

sliced tomatoes


white or wheat

Two Eggs

any style



BBQ Beacon Nachos 8

pulled pork, nacho cheese with peppers, house-made BBQ sauce, and scallions

Chicken Bacon Ranch Egg Rolls 7.5

stuffed with mozzarella and topped with scallions with side of house-made ranch

Chili Cheese Fries 7

house-made chili & cheese sauce, topped with scallions

Pub Pretzel 4

ballpark style, served warm with a side of cheese sauce and house-made mustard sauce

Ranch Tots 6

tots infused with ranch seasoning served with house-made ranch and cheese sauce


DRESSINGS: Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Caesar, 1000 Island, Blue Cheese GLUTEN FREE OPTION: without croutons

House Salad 8

topped with house-made croutons, tomato, onion, cheddar

Vegas Caesar 8

chopped romaine, shaved parmesan, caesar dressing, blue cheese crumbles, house-made croutons, and drizzled with balsamic glaze ADD SHRIMP 5 DOUBLE DOWN: add bacon and chicken 5

Wings & Tenders

All wings options are served with celery and ranch or blue cheese

Chicken Tenders 11

house-cut chicken breasts double battered in our seasoned breading with your choice of two sauces - served with fries.

Dipping Sauces


Wing Sauces


Wings – 10 Per Order 13

with your choice of two sauces

Wings – 5 Per Order 7

with your choice of one sauce


All sandwiches are served with fries or substitute a side salad for $2


bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on toasted white bread

Chicken Club Sandwich 10

sliced chicken breast, swiss, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and mayo

Golden Grilled Cheese & Chili 8.5

golden grilled cheese served with a bowl of house-made chili (fries not included)


Burgers available Tues-Sat until 10pm and Sun-Mon until 9pm. All burgers are served with fries. Substitute a side salad or tots for $2

Marty’s Burger 10

two patties topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mayo, mustard

Patty Melt 12

two beef patties grilled with Marty’s original burger marinade, melted Swiss and American cheese, and grilled onions, served with fries

The BBQ Beacon 13

two patties topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and house-made BBQ sauce

The Beyond Burger™ 13

★ PATTY IS VEGAN - SOY & GLUTEN FREE. ★ plant based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like real beef! - served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. FOR 100% VEGAN, GO BUNLESS!

The Big Mick 11

two all beef patties, Special sauce, shredded lettuce, American Cheese, pickles and onions on a non-seeded bun

The Breakfast Burger 13

two maple glazed patties topped with bacon, American cheese, and an over-medium egg

The Goat Popper 13

two patties covered in fresh jalapeños, house made pepper jelly and goat cheese

The Maui Burger 12

two patties topped with Swiss cheese, pineapple, teriyaki glaze, and sriracha mayo

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