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St. Paddy’s Day Lot Party

Saturday March 19th is the day. 10am until 1am is the time. Visit our facebook page for all the details.

Welp, We Have Had Better (birth) Days.

So the past few months have seen changes and confinement and government loans and riots and protests and a continual increase in the number of positive Covid 19 cases in Alabama. We are just as tired of not being able to run our business and lives the way we want to as well. So many […]

Storm Before The Storm

Not a big update this week. I will more be talking about next week so I will get right to the point. Well, almost anyways. I feel really bad for you if you didn’t get the amazing special we had for brunch this past weekend. It was quite delicious. House made biscuits, pickled jalapeños and […]

Don’t Stop Trying

Sorry for the late post this week. Had some meetings and other business things to deal with yesterday that prevented me from dropping this week’s blog. But it is here now so quit your crying. Before anything else, I want to talk about America and how we love to be lied to. Lie might be […]

Jack Daniel’s And More

Firstly, there will be no blog next week on account of us being out of town. GM will be closed Monday and Tuesday next week. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday to tell you all the funny stories about our travels and misadventures. Gatlinburg is the destination for both Marty’s locations. We plan on […]

It’s A Short One This Week

Sorry that I didn’t get this up yesterday, but we had a bit of a staff emergency that kept me busy. Sadly, I don’t have a whole lot of news this week anyways. Firstly, I really want to say thank you to Irondale for making Marty’s GM your home. You guys rock. We couldn’t do […]

1/12 of the way through

Hard to believe that the entire month of January has come and gone already! Sometimes the way time passes really just amazes me. Lets just start with the fact that it’s 20friggin20. How did that happen? I supposed I should really pay more attention to time and what’s going on, but I really don’t want […]

Cat Pictures Are Popular Right?

In an effort to get more hits on this blog, I figured I should post pics of my two furbabies, Easter (on left) and Snickerdoodle (on right) being cute and letting me snap a pic of them in a rare cuddling moment. #shamelesscatplug #cats #mysocialmediapersonsaidtodothis I am of course kidding. It became quite obvious to […]

Pasta Twosdays Is A Hit

Sorry for the lack of blog last week. It was a busy week and I was just feeling a bit lazy. Plus, I didn’t have a whole lot to say. This week is only slightly different. With two “pasta Tuesdays” under our belt, I feel like we have found a nice groove and some good […]

Whew! I’m Glad That’s Over

I don’t know about you guys, but the holiday season just wears me the hell out. Between work and family and the holidays themselves, I welcome the return of a normal schedule. All the deliveries come on time and there are no special or strange delivery times and dates. Welcome back normalcy. That being said, […]

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