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Approaching the End. Week 12 College Football with Tina Turner

Last week was…ugh. Alabama suffered a heartbreaking defeat to themselves…yeah LSU was there, but if my boys had kept it together and played like I know they can, that game would have gone a totally different way. My own personal tragedies and frustrations aside; we had Arkansas lose to Western KY, and South Carolina lose […]

Who doesn’t like corn dogs though? College Football Week 11 with Tina Turner

As we get closer to the end of the season the stakes get higher and the games get bigger. Why else would a college town in Alabama have all the attention of the nation this Saturday? I’ve been to this game before; when number 1 and number 2 Bama and LSU played at Bryant Denny […]

Managing expectations Week 10 College Football with Tina Turner

This is a pretty calm weekend for college football, so if you have any unfinished projects around the house, this may be the weekend to do them. Really the only big game for week 10 is Georgia vs. Florida and that is in the entire NCAA. Which is good news for Schloppy, who couldn’t get […]

I Do Things Backwards

Story of my life right there in the title. That lovely landscape in the title picture is where I will be spending 10 of the next 15 days. Haines, Alaska (,_Alaska), the destination of my birthday vacation and some much needed R&R. I have a friend there who is going to teach me why Alaska […]

College Football Week 9

Last week was great! Alabama beat Tennessee, I sang Rammer Jammer at the top of my lungs in front of the student section, and my voice didn’t fully return until Wednesday; all is right and good in the world. There are a ton of bye games again this week, but it doesn’t feel quite so […]

It is almost the best day of the year.

Thats right, Halloween. It is rapidly approaching and I can’t be more thrilled about it. Is Halloween my favorite holiday… maybe. But I think my love of Halloween stems from the fact that my birthday is a baker’s week (8 days, not sure if its a thing, but I am going to try to make […]

All your hate are belong to us

Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust; hatred alone is immortal. -William Hazlitt A very good friend of mine told me about that quote for the purposes of this week’s blog, and I decided to put it at the top seeing as my hatred for Tennessee will be immortal. I could write […]

“Yesterday I punched myself in the face”

I think I might start every post now with a Marsha quote such as the one above. She regularly just has me in stitches with the amount of accidental self harm she inflicts. She is a lovely person on her own, but God help her, she is also her own worst enemy too. While trying […]

Return of the Mack: College Football Week 7 with Tina Turner

Say goodbye to the bye week blues, for now. The last two weeks were rough, but we’re back to the grind this week. You could easily watch great football games all day on Saturday without interruption. I’m here for it, and so is everyone else at GM. We’ll have the Texas vs Oklahoma and the […]

So We Have Done Some Things

Super big things this week. I am tired already just thinking about all the stuff that I have to tell you about! First and foremost, how about that gorgeous frittata that Jake made this past weekend (the picture is in the header)? Secondly… the Marty’s GM merchandise store is LIVE! And everything is %15 off […]

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