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Storm Before The Storm

Not a big update this week. I will more be talking about next week so I will get right to the point. Well, almost anyways.

I feel really bad for you if you didn’t get the amazing special we had for brunch this past weekend. It was quite delicious. House made biscuits, pickled jalapeños and pimento cheese and syrup. One of our best brunch specials ever.

It was just that good. Speaking of that good, the pasta special for yesterdays “Pasta Twosday” was quite the delicious hit as well. Brown butter spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil. and grilled chicken.

Being a double sized portion, it was for sure the best deal on the menu last night. New pasta special every tuesday. Next Tuesday being St. Paddys, we are doing a cottage pie special for the week.

NO PASTA TWOSDAY next week. I know, I was just bragging on it too. But alas, the Irish have spoken and they will have their due.

Until then though, or should I say while supplies last, the philly cheesesteak is back by popular demand. It is only available in limited quantities though.

It ain’t the prettiest but it is tasty.

We have a number of Irish whiskeys and some St. Paddys day drink themes availble starting Saturday (2 days from now) and running all week while supplies last. So if you are looking to try some things you’ve never had or just want an Irish coffee with your brunch on the cheap, Plus instead of a bushwacker this weekend, we will be running the Dew Dew or Dew squared special. Frozen Tullamore Dew (Irish whiskey) and Mountain Dew! It is so yum!

Kendra was wearing her hoodie (pictured above) on Sunday and a customer in the restaurant stopped her and asked her why her shirt said “March Thank Yous” . We all had a pretty good laugh about that one.

There will be some questions at trivia this week about St. Pat’s, and we have a special prize for that/those questions. There will also be a question about state flags. So keep in mind those two things when you are gearing yourself up for Sunday!

You might have noticed that we have no shame here at GM. So when we go out of town, we like to remind people where we are from. So we paste stickers everywhere we can. Chris from Ghost Train happened to be down at the Harpoon Bar in Orange beach and spotted some of our handiwork. Feel free to post us anywhere you want (with permission) and send me proof of your exploits and you might earn a drink from me.


Thats all the news that is fit to print for this week. Stay tuned and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Ever your servant,


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