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Don’t Stop Trying

Sorry for the late post this week. Had some meetings and other business things to deal with yesterday that prevented me from dropping this week’s blog. But it is here now so quit your crying.

Before anything else, I want to talk about America and how we love to be lied to. Lie might be a strong word seeing as a simple look at the ingredients list and nutrition facts will immediately contradict everything the front of the packaging has led you to believe. So, as you may have gathered, I am talking about food.

I went to the grocery store and for some reason walked down the cereal aisle. I haven’t been a cereal eater in quite a few years, but I seem to remember them being at least a little more deceptive that were all just vehicles of pumping your kids full of sugar.

For whatever reason, that video just refuses to load like a normal video. Check it out, though, and you will really uderstand my irritation.

Moving on to more interesting things. We had a great trip to the mountains with very little that was overly memorable except the furry black visitor that had us all intensely amazed and enthalled for his entire stay (all of 10 minutes).

He/She was a delightful bear that caused us very little trouble and provided us with that up-close-to-nature feel. Also, it’s true, bears love Coke.

Special of the week is Caprese Burger that has already received some pretty great reviews from strangers and GM fans alike. Next week we are bringing back the Philly Cheese Steak special. I know you have all been clammoring for it. The week after we will be doing a cottage pie special for St. Patrick’s Day. We will be running it all week so don’t worry about us running out on Tuesday that week.

I managed to chew through a good bit of entertainment media these past couple weeks. 2 Netflix series, one of which I was a really looking forward to and another that I knew nothing about.

I had been so looking forward to the second season of Altered Carbon ( I guess that is why I was so disappointed with it when I finished the series. Anthony Mackie (the guy who plays the also unthreatening and least intimidating avenger, The Falcon) plays the carry over character from the first season, Takashi Kovacs. Maybe it is that I don’t find his acting all that spectacular or that he just simply isn’t the badass that the character demands of him but he was quite frankly, boring. Watching him mumble his way through the second season with his expressionless face and mediocre fighting skills turned me off of the show almost enough to stop watching it. But I didn’t. I finished the second season and loved the story and where they went with it. So long as they bring an actor in who can believably be that character, like the guy in the first season, I will for sure binge the 3rd season in a night.

The second Netflix original is I Am Not Okay With This ( I started this show without knowing really what it was about. But I like the lead actress, Sophie Lillis, a good bit based on her performance in IT and IT 2. She did not disappoint in this show either. Something about these dystopian high school coming of age shows just really interest me (riverdale, cloak the society, misfits). This one involves super powers-ish. No back story really. No explanation of what the power is, her limits, its limits or even more specifically, what it can do. Short, 20 minute episodes made this a super easy binge and well worth the afternoon that I put into it.

Trivia hints will be posted on facebook and instagram on Friday or Saturday. so keep your eyes open for those.

Without any futher confiscation of your time, I am going to thank you for the time I have taken so far and wish you a warm and dry week!

Ever your servant,


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