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It’s A Short One This Week

Sorry that I didn’t get this up yesterday, but we had a bit of a staff emergency that kept me busy. Sadly, I don’t have a whole lot of news this week anyways.

Firstly, I really want to say thank you to Irondale for making Marty’s GM your home. You guys rock. We couldn’t do any of this without your support and constant feedback. So, again, thank you!

Had two great meetings with liquor reps today for future events. Unfortunately, nothing I can talk about presently. But believe me, when I can, I will tell y’all all about it!

Trivia Hints this week: Topics of interest are the Olympics (in general) and old school animated and cartoon shows.

Movie of the week: Birds of Prey. I had many expectations for this and I think that is why I was slightly disappointed about the eventual outcome. I was expecting something very Harley Quinn and it was instead more like a girl power version of Deadpool 2 but not near as funny or as good. While I did walk about the movie pleased, I just feel like it could have been a lot more pleasing. Like Wonder Woman. Girl power directed by a woman and beautifully executed and written. This movie just lacked a lot of the depth that I have come to expect from slow-paced DC movies. It is fun, Don’t get me wrong. It is worth the see. Just dont expect anything amazing.

Ok, enough of that talk. The burger special of the week is the Campechano burger. This burger went over well a few months ago . It’s spicy, has fresh jalapeños and is 1/3 chorizo and 2/3 beef. Come and give it a shot.

Casa Noble on special for only $6 too!

Like I said, this will be a short on this week. Next week will be a bit longer and pretty much Jack Daniel’s themed. I cannot wait to share the cooperage tour with you.

Ever your servant,


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