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Cat Pictures Are Popular Right?

In an effort to get more hits on this blog, I figured I should post pics of my two furbabies, Easter (on left) and Snickerdoodle (on right) being cute and letting me snap a pic of them in a rare cuddling moment. #shamelesscatplug #cats #mysocialmediapersonsaidtodothis

I am of course kidding. It became quite obvious to me last week when I received a few complaints that the blog got put up late. My friend Connor sent me a personal text giving me examples of things he looks forward to in any given week, and low-and-behold, my weekly blog was on that list.

I am quite humbled that anyone reads it at all actually. So, thank you loyal readers. And speaking of Connor, his favorite of our specials is back this week. It has been about 3 months of more since we have run this, but the Messy Marty is back! If you aren’t familiar with it, I expect to see you come in and get one or two.

The Pasta Twosday special this week is delicious lasagna. If you haven’t been in for one of our pasta nights, you are really missing out.

Some fun things we have in the works…

Besides cotton candy, Tini swears she can make an adult version with booze. I am dubious but she is an extremely capable woman. Until then we will be making a few bags a week to sell and see if you folks are interested in it at all.

Another big thing we have coming up this week: Kevin, our new chef, has a great recipe for Creme Brulee. I bought him all the things he needs to make that happen. Friday they should be available. We would do it sooner, but people need time off and I dont want anyone making his recipe until he has taught them all his way.

Never dull moment for these boys in the kitchen. hopefully you were one of the lucky people that got a sample of the beignets that we will run as a brunch special soon. We are always cooking up some new stuff to make for you all. Sometimes we just like being ridiculous though. It made me chuckle a bit though when I saw it.

NO TRIVIA THIS WEEKEND. We are taking a bye week. I polled most of the regular players and they all decided that they wanted a bye week to watch the Superbowl. To which I say, thanks! I love starting my weekend early.

However we will have specials for the Superbowl and will have it playing over the house speakers and on all our TVs. So come watch the game with us!

Had the occasion last week to get blown away by an amazing band.

It has been a long time since I went to a show that impressed me as much. Both opening bands were fantastic and the headliner, Lucifer, was just downright badass.

sorry, i forgot to orient it correctly.

This is getting a bit long, so I will wrap it up with a couple quick things about a few movies and then I will let you go for the week.

The Gentlemen: The latest offering from Guy Richie. It took a long and relatively dull 30 minutes to take off properly, but once it got going, it was a fun (and often times funny) thrill ride of circumstance like only Guy Richie can provide.

Bad Boys For Life: Third installment of the franchise and by far the most forgettable of three. The jokes were forced and predictable. The action was sub-par and the general feel of the movie was that it was just a paycheck for Martin Lawrence’s floundering career. The trailer shows you all you need to see of the movie except the (spoiler alert) obvious cliff-hanger for a 4th and needless installment.

Underwater: I am a sucker for underwater films and all the preamble you get for this one is the credits. So make sure you pay attention because this movie kicks off the action as soon as the credits end and doesn’t really stop until the end. Creepy due to being underwater AND in cramped spaces with minimal air and viciously homicidal monster special that will stop at nothing to eat/kill/liquify/dissolve you. I shall give no spoilers on this one though when you’ve seen it, I would love to talk with you about it. Don’t get too attached to any character (not sure how you could because there isn’t a lot of character building available do to the breakneck speed of the movie) because no one has guaranteed longevity Far from being a great movie, I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see it again on Netflix or the like.

And with that, I am out like a candle in a hurricane.

Ever your servant,


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