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Pasta Twosdays Is A Hit

Sorry for the lack of blog last week. It was a busy week and I was just feeling a bit lazy. Plus, I didn’t have a whole lot to say.

This week is only slightly different. With two “pasta Tuesdays” under our belt, I feel like we have found a nice groove and some good reception from those of you who have come in to try it.

Week 1

Classic spaghetti and meatballs for two

Week 2

Jeremy’s Alfredo chicken and fettuccine for two

This week, like every week, we are doing another house made sauce… vodka sauce. Vodka sauce is a creamy tomato that is rich and savory with less acid than a normal red sauce. And for the first time we are offering shrimp as a protein option for it, as well as chicken.

Trivia has blown up big and we have a lot of teams that come in every week to tell me what I got wrong. Unfortunately I make all the mistakes. It is just inevitable. But the point of it is to have fun (and win some Marty’s cash) and I think we all have fun. This upcoming Sunday Ghost Train will be here giving away samples and special prizes.

We had our first big hit of the year with a special last week…

the french dip

It was so good that we will be putting it on a five week rotation to keep y’all happy. It is for us too, don’t let me fool you; we love having it because we eat the specials as well.

I will give you a full movie review of January movies next week. It will be a doozy, though, so I hope you’re ready to hear it.

That’s about it for this week. We have some stuff coming up in the near future that I hope will excite you and the second birthday is right around the corner too.

Trivia Hints: Study up on on U.S. States and Fruits.

Ever your servant,


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