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And The Beat Goes ON

This will be my last official blog of 2019. I have to say, that makes me feel a little strange for many reasons. Firstly: Where the hell did this year go? How is it yet another year in the history books and the beginning of yet another decade? Secondly: I am a little scared of all the things that will happen over the next couple weeks that I will have to remember to share with you after the first of the year.

REMINDER: We will be closed Christmas eve and day, as well as New Years eve and day.

Trivia Hints will be posted on the Instagram (martysgmbham) and on Facebook. Well, except for the hints that will be posted here for this weekend’s trivia game.

More about trivia, a huge thank you to Ghost Train for coming through this week with special gift bags for the first and second and third place teams. With any luck, the rep for SoCo, Casa Noble and High West will come in this weekend and get some prizes and such for this weeks trivia.

I found this old advertisement when I fell into a google hole while doing trivia research. It not only cracked me up but made me long for the days when I could have seen it in a magazine or newspaper.

And speaking of delicious beers, we have quite a few new ones in now.

The new easy go to is the Salt Life beer. Light and crisp, you can almost imagine being on a beach and drinking it, no matter how cold it is outside.

The other new favorite is the Casper White Stout. Yes, I am aware that those words do not go together when describing beer. This beer however transcends normal beers and is truly remarkable and delicious. Try it before we run out because it is in very high demand.

A few things that you all might have time for over the holidays… First, Jumanji: The Next Level. Jake and I went to see it yesterday and while we both really loved the first one, this new one was a bit lack luster and just not as engaging as the previous iteration of this franchise. I am by no means saying that I disliked this movie. It was still fun. It still had many laugh moments that were not in the trailers. I just don’t think that I will be seeing it 8 times in the theater like I did with the previous one.

Secondly: Black Summer ( ) is a Netflix original series that takes place at the start of what seems like a zombie apocalypse. Yes, I know, that trope is so tired and played out that it might as well be a war movie. To stress that this one is different would be a lie. However, it is not the typical zombie apocalypse tale. For starters you are dropped into the middle of it. You don’t even know how long it has been happening until episode 5. The episodes and story are told at such break-neck speed that the sheer aggressiveness of the show is enough to set it apart from the horde (teehee) of other zombie adventures. If zombies and fast paced action regarding zombies are your thing, you need to see this.

Thirdly: Magic for Humans just dropped its second season and just as Justin did in the first season, he takes street magic and makes it less creepy than David Blaine. Wonderful family friendly show to put on in the background when the family comes over. They all might get sucked and leave the kitchen and have to be torn away when the food is finally ready.

1:41Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Romaine is back! Finally. Guess what that means… Yep, a wedge salad special (for the little bit of iceberg we have leftover).

Plus we have a super hearty and delicious loaded potato soup. We are running it tonight and ran out of it before 7. Looks like we need to start making a double batch!

Second special of the week, in the below picture, with out trivia sponsor beers and boozes, the chicken with bacon (3 ways) sandwich. I am so proud of myself for thinking of this. Perfect if you’re like me and think that there is no such thing as “too much bacon”.

Trivia hints for the week: Study up on places where MTV used to do their spring break specials and lines from science fiction tv shows. Trivia will be happening every Sunday despite my lack of blogging.

I wish all of you a happy holiday(s). I will be working on X-Mas night at Marty’s PM if anyone feels like coming to visit me. And with this, I take my leave and hope to see you all in the next few weeks at the bar so that we can laugh and reminisce over the past year and talk about how much better things will be next decade!

Ever your servant


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