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Trivia Is Back!

So, as you can surmise from the picture at the top and the title, trivia is back. I will give you a couple hints that will only be released in the blog near the end of this post.

I want to say that there is a lot to talk about but it really mostly revolves around brining trivia back. Everything from the list of liquor specials in last week’s post runs today and every day until the end of April Thanks to our collaboration with Ghost Train and them opening a brewery in Irondale.

Just in time for the cold, we have the white bean chicken chili back on the special menu for this week. We’ve also got a deliciously rich A1 burger. Those crispy onions just get me every time.

We are hoping to get some dual branded swag with both Ghost Train and Marty’s GM logos together that will be very limited and trivia-only prizes. So these unique shirts will only be given away (or earned) during the weekly trivia contest.

Starting early next year (that’s less than a month away. sheesh), we are going to start the weekly specials on Wednesdays. The reason being is that Tuesdays are soon to be pasta night.

You read that right, we are going to start doing a pasta night on Tuesdays. Since Tuesday is the slowest night of the week, I feel very confident that we we can handle the addition of a pasta to our Tuesday routine. I can’t promise how long it will be around, but I hope it doesn’t tax our kitchen staff too much that we have to get rid of it.

There will be 2 pasta options every week (just to make deciding that much more difficult) to make sure we cover our bases and have something for almost everyone. I will make sure to give you some previews of our test items, and maybe even some samples if you’re here when we are trying it out. Stay tuned for that!

TRIVIA HINTS. Ok, now that I have your attention, remember that we try to get everyone here around 6 to 615 to try and get everyone seated and food and first round of drinks ordered.

Trivia then starts at 6:30 (ish) and has 10 multipart questions and you will have at least one song length to answer those questions. This week you will also have a music question where I will play some songs for you to identify.

Your two hints this week, study up on Queen songs and American money trivia. Not really a hint here, but the most of the songs I will be playing for music trivia have over a billion views on youtube.

That is all the info I have for this week. I promise you a far more entertaining and less business post next week. As well as more trivia hints for the following week.

Ever your servant,


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