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First real blog of the week but I am low on time so I will endeavor to sum this up as quickly as possible. As you all know, I can be a bit loquacious and tend to have a few tangents. Like right now.

On with the news!

This weekend we are partnering with the UAB School of Public Health and donating 10% of food sales to Pathways. It is a United Way sponsored program helping homeless women and homeless mothers get back into homes or work or more stability or all of the above and more. We are so thankful for UAB asking us to partner with them on this.

For more info, go here

Sunday the 15th is the triumphant trivia.

me hosting trivia in 2012 at stillwater (r.i.p.)

I can’t believe that I have been writing and hosting trivia for over decade. Well over a decade even. Sheesh. I don’t know why you all like it so much, but I am happy to keep obliging.

We are doing a 20 week season this time, because I fully expect everyone to miss a week or two, coupled with the fact that I really wanted to highlight one of our sponsors for an extended time.

Ghost Train Brewery! They have delicious beer and they are also building a production facility a mere few blocks from GM in the heart of downtown Irondale!

I can’t tell you how excited we are to have the the GT family represented at GM. We are currently in the works of making a collaboration shirt that will be a prize one night. During the game, all Ghost Train beers will be $1 off.

On top of amazing local beer, I also have managed to pair us up with some delicious tequila which will be $6 instead of $8 all day, every day until the last Sunday of April.

And to top it off we have this delicious bourbon sponsor as well from the delightful High West Distillery! It will be the same price as the Casa Noble.

Basically we have the best trivia sponsors to date! I can only hope that Kendra and I live up to the incredibly high standards of these sponsors.

I have so many more things that I will have to slowly dole out to you over the next few week. There are so many new things happening in our orbit that it might overload your brains to hear it all at once. That, and I really like to build suspense and be mysterious. I might not be the cutest… but dammit, I am funny and I can distract you with my wits.

And maybe with an old picture of me wearing my (then) girlfriend’s shirt. Im pretty sure that shirt was never the same again, and now, neither are your thoughts of me. HAHAHA

I am currently shopping around for a new (used) Macbook because my late model 2008 Macbook Pro is limping along futilely. Hit me up if you have a lead on one decently cheap. I‘m trying not to run into the problem I did 2 weeks ago when my poor baby died and it took a long time to resuscitate.

Until next Tuesday when I drop some more facts on you… be nice to each other. Be well. Above all, be happy. We at GM are very happy to have you in our circle!

Ever your servant,


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