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Rivalry Week College Football with Tina Turner

It’s Thanksgiving week and you know what that means, rivalry week. Where the saying “Any given Saturday” takes on a totally different meaning. The games mean more to the teams, coaches, and fans which is a recipe for upsets. In the case of Alabama, it might as well be a war within the state every year. Especially on important “Iron Bowl” years such as this one. Auburn and Alabama both have something to prove; aside from the typical year-long bragging rights the winner obtains. Get ready for a hundred replays of the kick six Bama fans; since that is the most memorable thing Auburn has done in recent years against the Tide.

Will I be at brunch on Saturday to yell at the TV while South Carolina plays Clemson?! You bet. We’ve got some pretty healthy brunch options for you to detox on after gorging yourself on turkey and dressing. We’ll be serving up a California Caprese flatbread with avocado, tomato basil, mozzarella, and balsamic drizzle. In case you didn’t get enough veggies on Thanksgiving the frittata special will be zucchini and squash. Come pre-game the biggest college football game with us, then stay for Game Day specials that will be sure you calm your nerves or help you celebrate with friends.

Alabama vs Auburn (CBS 2:30): This is sure to be an Iron Bowl for the history books, but aren’t they all? With playoff implications for the Tide they’ll come in guns firing, but so will Auburn. I don’t really like our chances with an untested QB, in what is the most hostile environment for Alabama to play in. Auburn’s offense has been suspect all year, but Alabama’s defense has as well. Expect a tough game, either way. Alabama seems to be favored, on most of the sports blogs I’ve looked at, but not by much. Of course, I want Alabama to win, but I’m not sure we’ve got what it takes without Tua and a decent defense.

Tua is an amazing athlete and human. He is missed.

By Schloppy

Wisconsin vs Minnesota (ABC 2:30) Most people would have chosen the Michigan vs Ohio State game, to be the featured game of the week. But let’s face it, Michigan doesn’t stand a chance. This years Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe could be the best game in any conference, all season. The big ten west is at stake. A playoff north for Minnesota is at stake. Wisconsin regaining the axe for the 15th time in 16 years is at stake. Should be a good old fashioned dog fight with snow in the forecast. Watching anything else is just silly.
Tina’s Take: No one in the state of Alabama is going to watch this, myself included. I’ve been surprised by Minnesota and slightly impressed. Ya’ll had your chance against Ohio State and blew it. I want to see if Minnesota can knock them out.

LSU vs Texas A&M (ESPN 6:00): LSU’s real main rival is Florida, and A&M’s is Texas. So this is just a regular game for both teams. A&M has to go against this powerful LSU team in Death Valley at night. That game is over. No way they have a chance.

South Carolina vs Clemson (ESPN 11:00): I know it is a pipe dream, but I think if the same team that beat Georgia shows up on Saturday; the Gamecocks could have a chance. I want Clemson to lose so bad I can’t stand it, but South Carolina has been inconsistent. I’ll be at brunch on Saturday yelling at TVs hoping this game goes everyone’s way. Clemson needs to lose almost as much as Ohio State.

Georgia vs Georgia Tech (ABC 11:00): This won’t be a game, even though it is a rivalry. Georgia Tech has had a terrible season, and Georgia is more elite than any team they’ve played all year. They lost to Clemson badly, and I expect this one to be worse.

Florida vs Florida State (SEC 6:30): Florida State has only won 5 games this year in the worst conference in the land. Don’t expect much from this game. Florida will dominate.

Ole Miss vs Miss State (Thanksgiving ESPN 6:30): This should be a good game to watch with your family, while in a turkey coma on Thanksgiving day. Both teams are suspect, but they are almost equally bad. I do think that Ole Miss is slightly better and will win out, even though they will be playing in a very hostile cow college environment. 

Mizzou vs Arkansas (Friday CBS 2:30): Arkansas is awful; Mizzou will win.

Kentucky vs Louisville (SEC 11:00): I could look up stats and records for Louisville and give a detailed analysis, but it is Wednesday night, and I simply don’t care to put forth the effort for such s*** teams.

Vandy vs Tennessee (SEC 3:00): F*** Tennessee. They’ll win. Sucks, but that is what will happen.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. In the end this is all just a game played by college kids. Be a fan, support your team, but be a good sport always. We are all Alabamians and we take great pride of our college sports. It is pretty incredible to have an in-state rivalry that is as consistently competitive as ours is; which is something we should all be proud of. Roll Tide!

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