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Everyone Needs to Lose College Football Week 13

Knowing your team’s season should be over makes giving a shit about college football hard. I remember what this was like before Saban, but honestly, we’ve all been a little spoiled since he came to Alabama. At this point, all I care about is that Ohio State loses because they are right behind Tennessee at being the worst. Is this what being an Auburn fan is like? To be hopeful every year to just have to accept that you just aren’t quite good enough, so you are reduced to rooting against your enemies? I suppose it is character building to walk in another’s shoes from time to time. 

The games inside the SEC this week are less than stellar overall, but there are a couple of good games you won’t want to miss in the college football world. LOTS is happening early so brunch is going to be the time to come take advantage of all the TVs we have available for your viewing pleasure. This week’s brunch specials are easy to eat while watching multiple screens. We’ll be serving up a gyro wrap with fries, and a frittata with goat cheese with onion, tomato, and basil. You won’t want to miss it! Hope to see you there!

Alabama vs. Western Carolina (ESPN 11:00): Since this game is a cupcake, and given what happened last week with Tua I’m going to address some feelings I have on the prospects for Alabama for the rest of the season. A great number of people I’ve talked to have this weird optimism about Mac Jones, thinking that if Alabama DID make it to the playoffs we would be a competitor. I do not share this belief. This is the weakest Alabama defense I can recall during the Saban era, trying to compete against a field of very talented and capable offenses. The only way Alabama wins against teams like LSU and Ohio State is if they can outscore them. I don’t see Mac being able to do that, he just seems fine, not extraordinary in any way. Of course this in my opinion and my preference, but I’m not dying to go to a playoff where we can’t compete. We will get there again; with a better team that is less beat-up. 

Auburn vs Samford (SEC 11:00): I don’t think Alabama and Auburn have had a game at the same time all year. Maybe the networks are in cahoots to make sure we have a little togetherness before Thanksgiving in a situation that is more amicable to us all getting along. That way we’re warmed up to sit across the table from each other on Turkey day and break bread peacefully. What a nice thought; too bad the reality is we’re both playing shit teams that will only pull ratings within the state.

Out of Conference Game of the Week

Ohio State vs Penn State (FOX 11:00): This game has massive playoff implications. A Penn State win would move them back into the top 4 and into the Big Ten championship game. Depending on how the rest of the season played out, theoretically, it could assure 2 Big Ten teams in the playoffs. An Ohio State win would move them into the number 1 spot in the polls, a position they likely wouldn’t be moved from. Sec fans should watch this game closely, and stay tuned to my breakdown next week on how the Big Ten could make the entire playoff system explode.

Texas A&M vs Georgia (CBS 2:30): A&M has been fine this season, but that is all, just fine. They for sure aren’t good enough to compete with the likes of Georgia. I don’t expect much out of this game. I’ll likely only check on it and turn it on in the event that I’m totally wrong; which has been happening a lot.

LSU vs Arkansas (ESPN 6:00): Arkansas has been hilarious to watch all season if you’re into a dark comedy, which I am. I might just watch this game to see them fail miserably at everything.

Kentucky vs UT Martin (SEC 2:30): Every week there is a list of games I could give two shits about that lives in my head. Which starts a cycle of me having the list, then forgetting who was on the list, who they played, or how they did until I sit down and write the blog the week after the shitty game. This one is number three on the list.

Mississippi State vs Abilene Christian (SEC 6:30): Number two.

Vanderbilt vs East Tennessee State (SEC 2:30): Number one on the list of games I don’t care about, and you shouldn’t either.

Missouri vs Tennessee (SEC 6:30): I feel like another Tennessee loss would lift my spirits greatly. This is my Christmas wish. Fuck world peace; I feel like that is a big ask. I simply want Tennessee to lose more this season. While Mizzou plays them at home, I’m not sure that they’ll be able to pull off beating the annoying orange monsters. Why else would I be wasting a wish on this?

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