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Finally Back In The Lower 48

Now that I am back, it’s time to get back to work. Since my original 10 day trip turned into 14 days, I am going to split the vacation details up between 2 weeks. Otherwise this blog would be so boring and long that no one would read it.

I will start with work first because I have a feeling that I will venture off on a few tangents when I get to talking about Alaska.

I have the utmost gratitude to my staff (especially Tini) for keeping the place going and not letting it burn down (though the insurance money sounds good) while I was gone. Tini and all the other employees did so well that I didn’t even worry (or think) about work once while I was gone.

I came home to a delicious brunch special though that went over so well that we will probably bring it back sometime in December. It was called the Omurice (or chicken fried rice omelette).

Next week we will be closed on Thanksgiving day (the 28th) but we will be back open at the normal time Friday. Marty’s PM will be open that night and I will be bartending over there if you would like to come keep me company, we open at 8pm.

Thanksgiving eve we will be running a special on Sexton Irish whiskey ( I don’t have all the details on this yet seeing as I was out of town when this was planned. Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for the specifics. I know we have a bunch of fun and cool swag to give away and I know there will be *FREE* samples.

Also, next week we will be running a meatloaf sandwich which Jake assures me will be incredible. I am dubious, but that’s just how I am. Basically, if you don’t see a meatloaf sandwich next week as the special, I didn’t agree with Jake. Hahaha.

A quick movie review (because I have convinced myself that you all care about what I think of movies)… Charlie’s Angels (

Now this movie has received a lot of flack since it was released Friday. I don’t really understand why. Will this movie win any awards… not a chance. Was it a fun 2 hours on a day off to watch the latest incarnation of the now 40 year old franchise… you betcha! These rolls seem to be written especially for the cast that played them because it really highlighted each of their specific pros and none of their cons. Yes, in general Kristen Stewart’s acting seems like she is a cardboard cut-out of Kristen Stewart trying to act. This movie is a bit different. This movie is playful, light hearted and never takes itself serious enough to convince you that you aren’t just watching something that all these girls did for fun. All this being said and with theater prices so expensive nowadays, wait for Netflix or Amazon Prime for this one because it will be on one of them in less than 2 months.

So, Alaska. Part 1.

This is a glacial runoff seen from the window of the 8 seat baby plane I took to get to Haines, AK
This is the view from the living room window of the my friend’s house where I stayed

Getting to Alaska was a rather uneventful task. Exactly opposite was the trip to get back which I will give you in painful detail next week. Took off from Atlanta in the wee hours and flew to Seattle. Then, after a short layover, to Juneau where I stayed the night (great small town by the way. I really enjoyed the 16 hours I had there) and hopped a tiny, one propellor, eight seat plane to Haines.

My dear friend and most wonderful hose, Beckah. She put up with me far longer than anyone should that i’m not paying. In the background is a Tlingit ( pronounced klING-it) totem pole and a very ineffectual at keeping people out guard chain.

I got a lot of pictures and saw so many things that I just refuse to bore you with here. If you’re interested in seeing more, just hit me up at the bar, I’ll show you all of them. Complete with stories too.

The next big bonus to being there is that it was during the Bald Eagle festival. Annually they have a festival where the area around Haines is loaded with literally thousands of bald eagles (or as we called them, formal chickens). They have a whole preserve up there about 20 miles outside of town and a very nice viewing area closer to town as well. We drove out to the preserve and got so close we could have easily charged in and grabbed one if we were wanting to get shredded.

Not sure how well the sound comes through but they are some sloppy and loud eaters.

My friends had better cameras than my phone and on the whole, they got better pictures. I got this one though that just screams ‘MERICA! I call it my post card pic.

Also in Haines is a pretty delightful distillery that had surprisingly good booze. They even make their own absinthe with locally grown wormwood and other herbs. Funny laws up there though only allow the distillery to serve one person two alcoholic drinks per day. You can however, buy as many bottles of the booze as you want per day.

My furbabies missed me a lot while I was away. The person I stayed with had two delightful dogs and two cuddly kitties who made the missing my babies much more bearable but the greeting that I received when I got back home even better. My furry children haven’t left my side when I’m home since I got back.

Snickerdoodle and Easter. Too adorable!

Thats enough stuff for this week. Next weeks blog will be far more fun and slightly gross (maybe).

I’ll leave you with the most appropriate sleeping bag (for me) that I have ever seen…

I barely knew what to do with myself when I put this on. I really should have walked around town giving hugs to everything who would let me.

Thanks for bearing with me and my goofy sense of humor and over description. Bear hugs are always free if I am around. Feel free to hit me up for one when you see me next!

Ever your servant,


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