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Approaching the End. Week 12 College Football with Tina Turner

Last week was…ugh. Alabama suffered a heartbreaking defeat to themselves…yeah LSU was there, but if my boys had kept it together and played like I know they can, that game would have gone a totally different way. My own personal tragedies and frustrations aside; we had Arkansas lose to Western KY, and South Carolina lose to Appalachian State. The SEC is getting more and more tragic every week, but his week is all SEC playing SEC so no possibility for error. Good games start early, so hopefully we will see you at brunch to cheer on the Tide or to pre-game the Auburn/Georgia game. This week our special is an Omurice, which is a Japanese Rice Omelette with chicken fried rice (we swapped the peas and carrots for bell peppers and onions). We’ll also have our Fajita Frittata! It’s gonna be a big game day so come in and take advantage of our game day specials if you can’t make brunch!

Alabama vs Mississippi State (ESPN 11:00): Even if Alabama performed the way they played against LSU during the first quarter they could beat this team; Mississippi State is the second-worst in the west. That being said I’ll be interested to see how Tua’s foot is doing after last week, and just how much they play him. We need him to stay healthy for Auburn, which we obviously MUST win if we have any chance at all to get into the playoffs. Am I still hopeful we can get into the playoffs? You bet I am.

Auburn vs Georgia (CBS 2:30): This is a huge game for both teams, and this week I guess I’m an Auburn fan. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and Bama needs Georgia to lose. So will Georgia lose? I really think they could. Every Bama fan knows how hard it is to go into Jordan-Hare for a rivalry game. The key for Auburn will be defense and preventing Georgia from getting too far ahead of them. Since their offense has been touch and go all season, and Georgia has a fairly strong D; Auburn’s defense will be the key to the game. I’m not overly optimistic, and no Auburn fan should be; this has the potential to be a hell of a game.

LSU vs Ole Miss (ESPN 6:00): LSU is likely riding high after beating Bama, and they should be. I don’t see them having an issue with Ole Miss.

Florida vs Mizzou (CBS 11:00): Mizzou couldn’t seem to forget how to play football last week since Georgia shut them out. Even if they did suddenly remember how to play the game; an elite team like Florida shouldn’t have an issue with them.

South Carolina vs Texas A&M (SECN 6:30): I fucking can’t with South Carolina. YOU BEAT GEORGIA, THEN YOU GO AND LOSE TO APP STATE?! They are the most unfocused and unreliable team in the SEC. I’m REALLY hoping they get their shit together and somehow pull another miracle out of their asses and beat Clemson, but I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, Texas A&M has been taking care of business week after week, generally doing what is expected of them; so I’d put my money on A&M.

Kentucky vs Vandy (SECN 2:30): Oof this is the SEC east version of Ole Miss and Arkansas playing each other. Most people only really care that Kentucky lost in basketball this week. I don’t care about any of it, if I’m honest. These teams don’t matter.

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