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Who doesn’t like corn dogs though? College Football Week 11 with Tina Turner

As we get closer to the end of the season the stakes get higher and the games get bigger. Why else would a college town in Alabama have all the attention of the nation this Saturday? I’ve been to this game before; when number 1 and number 2 Bama and LSU played at Bryant Denny and the hype and media around it were insane. I remember thinking that it was possible I’d never attend a game that big ever again; man I was wrong. The hype around this game is FAR greater, it doesn’t help that our commander in chief feels the need to add to that insanity, but I digress. I think the reason the hype for this game is bigger is due to the talent both teams have on offense, specifically at the QB position. 

All of that being said, I wouldn’t come into Marty’s GM on Saturday if you’re not a football fan. We will have the speakers and TVs on at 2:30. Our brunch specials this week are fantastic. The frittata of the week is Caprese with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella topped with a balsamic glaze. The special is a hash brown casserole with onions, peppers, cheeses, and bacon. If you’re not into football get there early to enjoy these before game day excitement starts, or just come pre-game and stay for the excitement!

Alabama vs LSU (CBS 2:30): I haven’t glanced at what the “experts” are saying about this game yet. I wanted to give my opinion first before tainting it with outside influence. People have been asking me all week what I think this game is going to be like and who I think will win. I’ll tell you right now this game will not be like Bama vs LSU games of the past, you know what I mean…the low scoring defensive battles that are pretty typical for these two teams. This game will be the exact opposite, expect a high scoring game for both sides, as neither is anywhere close to as strong defensively as past teams. That being said, I really have no idea who is going to win this game. I think whichever team has the least amount of penalties, mistakes, and who can keep their offense on the field the longest will win the day. Obviously I hope that will be Bama…but it could go either way. Fans in the stadium also need to be loud help your team out, they will need every advantage. Hopefully, this will be a win for Bama, but if it isn’t I hope we make it hard for them.

Auburn (BYE): Auburn is taking their last bye week of the season at the exact right time. They play Georgia next week, and Alabama two weeks after that. Sandwiched between these two games is an easy game with Samford, but still two very tough games ahead for Auburn.

UAB vs Southern Miss (NFLN 2:30): Told you so. No way UAB had a chance against Tennessee. This is a pretty big game for UAB. Southern Miss hopes to secure a place in the championship, but so does UAB. Both teams seem equally matched so it would be a good game to watch if you didn’t already have plans to watch LSU and Bama slug it out. In the end, we’ll forget this is happening and check the scores on Sunday. It’s unfortunate for UAB that one of their biggest games of the year falls on this Saturday, but what can you do?

Out of Conference Game of the Week

By Schloppy

Penn State vs Minnesota (ABC 11:00): Gonna make this short and sweet. Minnesota could be the most fraudulent undefeated team in the history of sports. They won their first 4 games by one score. Then they turn around and beat 4 teams who now have 8 wins combined. Did I mention those 4 teams started backup quarterbacks? The only reason to watch this is in the off chance Penn State starts a backup QB and loses.

Florida vs Vandy (ESPN 11:00): Eh. Vandy beat Mizzou?? Does that mean they’ll beat Florida? Naw, not at the Swamp. They got lucky that Mizzou’s kicker couldn’t get it through the uprights. 

Arkansas vs Western Kentucky (SECN 11:00): I won’t pretend to know anything about Western Kentucky, but I know plenty about Arkansas. While they SHOULD win this game that does not mean they will. I think there is plenty of potentials for Arkansas to fuck this up. They are total garbage. 

Old Miss vs New Mexico State (SECN 3:00): Let’s be honest, you’ll be watching the Bama game.

Georgia vs Missouri (ESPN 6:00): Do I think Missouri can beat Georgia, yeah I do. Will they? I dunno…this Missouri team is the most unpredictable in the conference. One week they are brilliant the next they are flat on their heels. I’m not sure what the reason is, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the scores of this game because there is the possibility of an upset.

South Carolina vs Appalachian State (ESPN 2 6:00): Shouldn’t be an issue for South Carolina. Nothing more to say.

Tennessee vs Kentucky (6:30 SECN): Ugh. I don’t want Tennessee to win another game. But they are going to. Fucking sad about it. Go Big Blue!

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