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Managing expectations Week 10 College Football with Tina Turner

This is a pretty calm weekend for college football, so if you have any unfinished projects around the house, this may be the weekend to do them. Really the only big game for week 10 is Georgia vs. Florida and that is in the entire NCAA. Which is good news for Schloppy, who couldn’t get it together to write his part of the blog this week. He’s really still licking his wounds from that Badgers game last weekend, so I won’t be too harsh on him. The biggest upset of last week was really Oklahoma, they’ll be out of playoff contention now, which I’m both sad and relieved about. My heart wouldn’t have been able to handle Alabama playing Jaylen, but I still want all good things for Jaylen (except the Heisman).

Seeing as there aren’t any big games at 11:00 this week it really is the perfect week for all you non-sportsball people to come up and enjoy our brunch specials seeing as it will be very calm. Since we feel adults should get some candy for Halloween too we decided to put M&M’s pancakes for our special this week. We’ll also have our weekly frittata if you over indulged on sugar this week. See you on Saturday!

Alabama (Bye): I was fairly impressed with the Tide on Saturday. Mac Jones did a fantastic job stepping up for Tua. It was still Arkansas though…like how much of a REAL test is that? Oh right, it isn’t. Next up is the big one, LSU, and I’m scared shitless. Hopefully Tua will use this time to get healthy cause we NEED him. I’ll write more on that next week; I deserve a Bye from writing about Bama.

Auburn vs Ole Miss (ESPN 6:00): Phew that Auburn/LSU game was exhausting! Probably the best football game I’ve seen to date this year. Auburn’s front 4 looked a lot better against LSU than they have all season, and their O-line wasn’t doing bad at all. If they keep all of that up they should be fine against an Ole Miss team who hasn’t picked up much steam at all this year, but I’m sure Ole Miss is looking to upset someone. They are capable of doing it, but I’m doubtful it will happen this year.

Georgia vs Florida (CBS 2:30): FOR SURE the SEC game of the week. Florida is in the lead for the east, but Georgia is right behind them. This game will determine who is going to Atlanta for the playoffs. I’ve been shocked by both team’s performances this year, so I honestly think this could go either way. There is a version of this Georgia team that is completely capable of beating Florida, but I’m not sure if they’ll actually show up on Saturday. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Mississippi State vs Arkansas (SECN 3:00): These are the two worst teams in the west playing each other. With the two best teams in the east playing at the same time. Is anyone in Alabama going to watch this and care? Doubtful.

Vandy vs The new team that is dead to me (SECN 6:30): Let’s be real. Vandy will likely lose to Tennessee during rivalry week anyway. BUT I cannot forgive South Carolina losing to them. Like I get it, you played that at home, but I know for a fact SC is a better team all around; so disappointed. South Carolina should win this game easily if they pull their heads out of their asses.

UAB vs Tennessee (ESPNU 6:00): So Tennessee has won three games now. It would be wonderful if they didn’t win a 4th or 5th, but I’m a realist. I keep having people come up to me talking about how UAB has a chance, listen NO ONE wants Tennessee to lose more than me, but the harsh reality is UAB is not going to pull it off. Tennessee has been looking better, and they’ve got a fire under them with a few wins. I hate it too, but we’ve just got to accept it. I won’t be watching the game at all, so if by some miracle I’m wrong feel free to have the bartender on duty text me to talk shit. I’ll buy you a drink.

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