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College Football Week 9

Last week was great! Alabama beat Tennessee, I sang Rammer Jammer at the top of my lungs in front of the student section, and my voice didn’t fully return until Wednesday; all is right and good in the world. There are a ton of bye games again this week, but it doesn’t feel quite so bad because we do have at least one big game to look forward to. The next two weeks are going to be kind of bleh as we go through the last half of bye weeks as we progress into the latter half of the season. The schedules start becoming more of a challenge for the elite teams in the conference and outside of it, which means we’ll have some pretty big games every week from here on. With the Auburn game and the Bama game going back to back again it’ll be a long day for sure.

Considering most of the games people care about the state college games I imagine it’ll be pretty quiet before 2 (plus I’ll be behind the bar and unable to devote my attention to the football). If you want a quieter brunch devoid of football talk this might be the one for you. I’m sure the brunch specials this week are going to be fantastic so come spend what is sure to be a rainy, ugly Saturday with us at GM!

Alabama vs Arkansas (ESPN 6:00): I wasn’t able to watch the entire Auburn game last week, but from what I did see Arkansas is pretty laughable. Bama fans all wait in nervous anticipation to find out if our star QB will make it back for the matchup against LSU. Since we aren’t sure, we’ll all be watching Mac Jones to attempt to get a read on if he really is up to snuff, not that Arkansas is much of a test at all. Expect to see Taulia as well. I imagine Saban will want to give him more game experience just in case his brother can’t make it back for LSU.

Auburn vs LSU (CBS 2:30): This is the SEC game of the week (not that there are many great options). The main thing Auburn has going for them is that this game isn’t at night in Death Valley. Bo Nix is struggling hard and LSU has a pretty solid running defense. I don’t really see any way Auburn wins this game without some major shenanigans or LSU just dropping the ball.

By Schloppy

Wisconsin vs Ohio State (FOX 11:00) This will be the game of the regular season in the Big Ten. While it lost a little luster after the Badgers pissed the bed against Illinois, this game should live up to the hype. Both teams have Heisman candidates, but the nation’s top defense vs the number 2 defense should keep the score low. Expect an old fashioned slugfest in the Horseshoe this Saturday. Btw, this game may be best watched with some cheese curds and an Old Fashioned. Do you guys even have those down there?

Tina’s Take: I’m excited to watch this game, which I plan on doing as much as possible while still serving you guys fomo’s and frittatas. Also Schloppy is a jerk; he knows how much I love cheese curds…

Texas A&M vs Still Dead to me (SECN 11:00): A&M should win with no issues; Miss State is still shameful.

Mizzou vs Kentucky (SECN 6:30): Man Mizzou. I talked you up, thought you were doing well, then you go and lose to Vandy. Let’s just be honest, no one cares about this game.

South Carolina vs Tennessee (SECN 3:00): Tennessee back where they should be, at the bottom. Hopefully this will be another L for Tennessee. I don’t think South Carolina should have a problem.

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