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It is almost the best day of the year.

Thats right, Halloween. It is rapidly approaching and I can’t be more thrilled about it. Is Halloween my favorite holiday… maybe. But I think my love of Halloween stems from the fact that my birthday is a baker’s week (8 days, not sure if its a thing, but I am going to try to make it one) after.

For my birthday this year I am headed to Alaska to visit a friend for a week or so. I plan to take all the pictures, videos, etc. I also plan to knock a fairly significant thing off the bucket list while I’m there. I will tell you all about it when I get back because I am scared to jinx it for now. My trip is fully dependent upon the weather not being too terrible because the bucket list is a trip from Haines, AK to the northern Yukon territory in Canada.

The GM merch store ( is up and going very well. We had a great response from y’all in its first two weeks. Just want to let you know that our first customer on the website was none other than Tini!

We had a great brunch special this past weekend, masterminded by Jake who is notoriously camera shy, but I managed to sneak a candid shot when he thought I was taking a picture of the food.

Sorry if you missed the fried chicken biscuits because they were amazing! Apparently my choice of frittata for the past weekend (arugula, garlic, goat cheese and tomatoes) was the favorite one ever by quite a few people who regularly eat the frittata. Kudos to me!

Keeping it fairly brief this week so I will just hit you with the weekly movie review and the special.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap ( was the movie of the week this week. Sadly Jake didn’t make it this week, so I flew solo.

While the first Zombieland still ranks very high on my mental list of best movies, this one is not quite as crushingly amazing. The new characters that were added were great in general and served their purposes very well. The passage of time was very evident in the female actors much more so than the male actors. Don’t ask me how, but both Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenburg remain ageless. I would swear time just seem to not wear on them.

Like the first, there was a significant amount of humor in this movie as well as fourth wall breaking. Unlike the first, though, some of the jokes seemed a bit forced into a scene because there had not been a joke made in a few minutes. It didn’t disrupt from the general break-neck pacing of the movie and in the end, most of the “meh” humor was forgotten.

I do not see this movie being the last in this franchise and really hope that it isn’t. However, nothing was really left in the air suggesting another sequel. So very much like the first. There were no story lines that needed closing, or plot points left aloft; it was our mere love for the fantastic characters in Zombieland that made the first movie so amazing. That is also true of Zombieland 2.

I could truly watch these 4 characters in their misadventures, however banal, every day and never be disappointed.

To summarize: If you LOVED the first one, you will LIKE this one and really want them to make a 3rd, just to see if they can.

Finally, the special this week is TACOS! That’s right, we brought them back, but this time we are doing it a little differently. Two tacos (one chicken and one campechano, or beef/chorizo) with a hot side of Mexican style black beans and corn and a small salad tossed in our house made cilantro/lime vinaigrette.

The more I look at that plate, the more I just want to eat another one. Wow.

Until next week, I am ever your servant,


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