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Return of the Mack: College Football Week 7 with Tina Turner

Say goodbye to the bye week blues, for now. The last two weeks were rough, but we’re back to the grind this week. You could easily watch great football games all day on Saturday without interruption. I’m here for it, and so is everyone else at GM. We’ll have the Texas vs Oklahoma and the Georgia South Carolina games on at 11, the perfect time for brunch specials. We’ll have a Fajita Frittata and a Chicken Sausage Philly this week as our specials, which are always amazing! At 2:30 we’ll switch to highlighting Alabama with the bar sound system tuned in for that game as always. You might have to fight for some real estate for the latter half of the Florida vs LSU game as we will be having the last TCR after-party at the bar, but the derby girls don’t bite and would love you to tell you all about roller derby in Birmingham!

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Alabama vs Texas A&M (CBS 2:30): Back to it Bama. Let’s go! As I’ve said multiple times in the past couple of weeks I think that Texas A&M has been extremely underwhelming this year. This will be the toughest defense the Tide has played to date, so I’m interested to see how our offense holds up. Bama has a whole bunch of things working in their favor. Saban has yet to lose to an ex-assistant coach, our offense is a god-level college offense with tons of options for attack, and we usually do well on the road.  That being said, if I don’t see some pretty drastic improvement from our defense I’m going to get angry (you won’t like me when I’m angry). Our defense will be our downfall if we don’t get it together. I think Alabama will come out with a “W” for this one.

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Auburn (BYE): That had to have been the sloppiest football game I’ve seen all year. Total disaster! I know I shouldn’t pat myself on the back or anything, because it isn’t like anyone that pays attention couldn’t notice, BUT I did say when Auburn played a good defense they were going to be in trouble. Oh, and the trouble they did have! Once again, this game was ugly on both sides, but Florida held onto the ball for longer, and had home-field advantage. I believe that if this game was played again the results could be different, but that’s College Football. All that being said, Auburn remains a threat against SEC teams with struggling or lacking defenses (I’m looking at you Nick).

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix, left, is hit by Florida linebacker Jonathan Greenard (58) as he releases the ball during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, in Gainesville, Fla. (John Raoux/AP)
Auburn quarterback Bo Nix, left, is hit by Florida linebacker Jonathan Greenard (58) as he releases the ball during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, in Gainesville, Fla. (John Raoux/AP)

UAB (ESPN+ 5:00): I checked that game time twice. Yep it is at 5. From what I can tell UAB should win this game. They have a better record and everyone says so. I honestly know nothing about UAB football, I’m just putting them here because we are in Birmingham, some people care, and might want to know what time and place to watch the game.

SEC Game of the Week

Florida vs LSU (ESPN 7:00): Florida REALLY struggled last week as I mentioned before. Even though they were the victors they did not play a pretty game. Now that same sloppy team has to go play in Death Valley. At night. There is no way Florida wins this game. I know LSU has some issues of their own, their defense hasn’t been very impressive…but I just don’t think that will be enough to make them lose to this Florida team at home.

Out of Conference Game of the Week

By Schloppy

Oklahoma vs Texas aka Red River Rivalry (FOX 11:00):  It is with a certain sadness I pick this as my game of the week. Why? Because neither team knows what a defense is. To these teams, it’s just a period of time to let the offense rest between points. Oklahoma wins this crap matchup only because they are healthier. Texas will be without its top corners but will get their star WR back. Meanwhile, Oklahoma will come in healthy, being led by the most overrated QB in college football whose best win of the season is again a Houston team whose QB redshirt out of nowhere. In closing, if you like high scoring parking lot football, watch this train wreck with an over/under of 75pts.

Tina’s Take: I know the Heisman buzz around Jaylen is a little annoying considering Oklahoma hasn’t and doesn’t really play anyone in terms of D. I’m not sure the scale Schloppy is referring to in terms of his rating, but Jaylen is a solid QB. He played for Bama, so I’m pretty intimately familiar with his abilities, and his weaknesses. He has improved a great deal in the past two years. Is he an NFL star QB type…probably not, but he’s doing a fine job at Oklahoma and will have no issues with Texas. 

Ole Miss vs Missouri (ESPN2 6:00): I’ll be interested to see how well Mizzou’s defense does against that running QB that Ole Miss has. Mizzou apparently has one of the best rush defenses in the nation, so if they are unable to stop him just like Bama wasn’t able to I’ll feel a whole lot better about the Tide’s defense. For me, there is no other reason to watch this game at all because I think Mizzou will stop their QB and beat Ole Miss.

Arkansas vs Kentucky (SEC 6:30): Does anyone care? No? Cool, moving on.

South Carolina vs Georgia (ESPN 11:00): I am not sure wtf Georgia was doing during the first quarter of that game last week against Tennessee, but I was getting really mad. I also had a Schloppy texting me like crazy to rub it in that he’d called that Georgia was overrated. I’m still unconvinced that they are, but I will admit that allowing Tennessee of all teams to get above you in score EVEN ONCE, is completely inexcusable. I don’t think Georgia will have a problem with South Carolina. Hope they enjoy the next two weeks of cupcakes because it is all downhill from there.

Vandy vs UNLV (SEC 3:00): Considering that I’ve never heard of UNLV and had to Google them I think Vandy will be fine.

Schloppy’s Seconds: Vandy vs UNLV. I actually like this matchup for UNLV. Both teams suck, but I think Vandy sucks a bit harder. UNLV has a horrid 3rd down conversion rate of 28%. But not to be outdone, Vandy has a 27% conversion rate and gives up an appalling 7 yards per play. I hope the halftime show is good because the football show is gonna suck.

Miss State vs Tennessee (SEC Network 11:00): I’m sure Tennessee and their delusional fans think that because they somehow managed to get up on Georgia once that means they have a shot at some wins this season. I need Miss State to rise to the occasion and march into that stadium and put them all back in their place! Cow college > Garbage collector college. Hate week is next week! Hope you’re ready!

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