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So We Have Done Some Things

Super big things this week. I am tired already just thinking about all the stuff that I have to tell you about! First and foremost, how about that gorgeous frittata that Jake made this past weekend (the picture is in the header)?

Secondly… the Marty’s GM merchandise store is LIVE! And everything is %15 off for the first two weeks!

T-shirts (men, women and children), tote bags, hoodies, long sleeves, tank tops, ball caps, trucker caps, aprons and the best thing, they are all available with multiple logos (my face included because some crazy person wanted that) and multiple colors.

Took me about 3 weeks to get all the products setup for order as well as all the other intricate stuff. But I see it now and it is super easy to search and pick out what you might want and what you are looking for and I am proud of myself for doing it.

Granted, not as cocky proud as I look in this picture from when I was 16 at some prom. Wowee, what in the actual *&$# was I thinking?

Now it seems that I had started a trend and just when I think that I can’t find a more ridiculous picture of myself… boom!, I find one. Like this one here. This cant possibly be true because I was such a good boy when I was 13.

Ok, enough of that ballyhoo. Time to get back to the more important stuff and the reason you all read my blog, information. I announced a couple months ago that Tini and I went to Tuscaloosa to get certified to train our staff to be responsible vendors. Well today, we had both PM and GM together and got everyone responsible vendor certified!

Tini talks and everyone listens!

On top of the store opening ( just in case you missed it the first time), getting P.A.S.T. (professional alcohol server training) trained we also unleashed our new menus!

Thats right, we now have a late night only food menu, a cocktail menu, and redesigned brunch and dinner menus. I invite all of you to come in and find all the mistakes on them that we didn’t notice until after printing them. I would like to say that we are perfect, but alas that would be a lie and I promised you all in the beginning, no lying.

Also, big should out to Tom Russel! Two reasons: firstly, without hesitation, he offered to let me borrow his laptop to use for our powerpoint presentation for the P.A.S.T. training. Secondly, he had such a tasty drink named after him at another bar that we had to give him one here! So come in sometime and try a Tom Russel!

This is one of the two amazing flatbreads we had for brunch this past weekend. If you didn’t make it in for brunch, sorry that you missed out because it was incredible.

the California breakfast flatbread. My favorite brunch special in a while.

Special this week is the Chef’s Choice Burger. I don’t know what will be on it and neither do you, but it will be delicious ! Trust the guys in the kitchen, they will take care of you. I have seen some come out today that had a burger patty, an eggroll and some teriyaki glaze on it. Ive seen one with caramelized onions, mushrooms a patty and some fried chicken with a blended sauce.

Did I mention that Marty’s GM has a merch store now? In case I forgot, here is the link

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