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A Date With Destiny

As most of you know, I play a good bit of Xbox (it keeps me out of trouble and from going broke on booze and ladies), Destiny 2 being my game of choice currently. It had a new update and release yesterday. Try as I might, I couldn’t manage to get the blog put together on Monday when I did everything else so that I could take Tuesday completely off to lose myself in the fantasy Xbox land where guardians live forever and enemies of humanity need to be relieved of their lives in order for everyone to be safe.

I know it is a terrible excuse to say that the blog is a day late because I chose to play video games instead, but hey, it’s my blog and my day off so, bleh! Besides, Destiny waits for no man (not even me).

Puns aside, this is a very fun week for us. We have a boatload of new beers for everyone to have as well as a few of them for cheap $$! Here are the first four:

HRD WTR, another additive to the hard seltzer market, these two (cucumber lemon lime and the pineapple coconut) are like a premium White Claw or Truly (but made on a smalled scale with a lot more love and attention to detail). We sampled them and immediately agreed to pick them up, because they are delicious. Add a half shot of booze to give it extra booziness.

The Evening Joe from Catawba brewery is not your standard coffee ale. For one, its a blonde. So not your typical heavy brown or stout. For two, its delicious!

CFinally we have the Harpoon with One Hazy Summer. An unfiltered and citrus infused pale ale. Bright and summer like, not overly hoppy or citrusy. Just a delicious light pale ale for only $3.

Bottles for ya this time. Einstok Winter Ale. Rich and delicious. Worth every cent.

Ciderboys Banana Bliss. We loved the regular cider from these guys. When we had the option to get the banana flavor though, we about flipped. At its heard, its an apple cider and the banana is on the back end very lightly. Give it a shot.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest. The name says it all. A delicious marzen style beer which is brown but light and very easy to drink and flavored just right for the beginning of fall (if it ever stops being summer).

Last on the list, another Harpoon beer. The Craic, Irish style red ale. Big malt flavor and smooth velvet finish. With this beer, its St Patricks day all year long!

The above is one of our two specials this week. That is the GM Zabransky for 2. It may seem a bit pricy, but believe me when I tell you, for most of you normal mortals, this is enough for 2 of you. Maybe add an extra side of fries, but you shouldn’t need much more than that.

We also have a revised version of the bologna sandwich back for one week only and this time it has American cheese on it too! Plus we have house-made pimento cheese and some avocados that you can add to any sandwich or salad.

It was desperate times this week for movies. Jake and I had already seen anything in the theater worth seeing. So we took a chance on something that he had heard “okay” things about and I had heard nothing but bad things about…

True story or not, this movie would have made an excellent lifetime special. Aside from the star power of J.Lo (who is not the main character by the way), this tragic should-have-been-straight-to-dvd film really has nothing going for it big screen-wise. The story is shallow and filled with a smoothed over plot points and multiple lacks of description and depth that actually matter for understanding, backstory and cohesion. The few comical moments that kept me from walking out all involved one of the characters who could (and did) vomit on cue. Wait for Netflix on this one if you even have to bother watching it at all. All criticism aside, Jennifer Lopez at 50 is probably the most sexy she has ever been. I just hate that she had to waste her looks on what is so obviously a sub par midlife crisis movie (a la Striptease with Demi Moore) that she made more for physical adoration than her acting prowess (which was excellent in this movie).

Moving on to this weekend’s specials… I have no idea what the frittata of the week will be, but I do know that we will have fried chicken biscuits with pimento cheese as our main course special. I wish I had a picture to show you, but my phone decided to delete an entire gallery of photos on Sunday.

You all seem to love pictures of me from the old days when I was not just tanned, but skinny and mostly bald faced. Bless my heart with this one though… Elmo shirts with matching plaid shorts. FML, the things I do for redheads. No one can ever say that I didn’t jump in head first into every female excursion (nice double entendre there by accident).

Shameless plug of the week; The Green Garage ( . They only work on foreign cars and specialize in hybrids (thankfully my little scion falls into the foreign category) but if you have an automobile that they do work on, go see them. Everyone I have sent there has been happy with their awesome service and reasonable pricing. At this point I think they have either fixed or replaced just about everything on my car except the external body parts. If you need auto work, give them a shot.

Speaking of cars… this cracked me the hell up.


I hope you have a lovely week and that I get to see you all!

Ever your servant,


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