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Bye Week Blues: College Football Week 5 with Tina Turner

Last week almost killed me y’all. All those good games spread out throughout the day was rough, but I had a good time. Week 5 is a much slower week in the world of college football, which my liver is thankful for. Let’s get into it: the highlight of week 4 was Georgia vs Notre Dame, which was a better game than I thought it would be. The Irish had no run game and Georgia maintained control of the ball wearing out the Irish defense. Georgia for sure has a better secondary than Alabama does, and of course Blankenship has a sniper for a foot…so once again…this could be Georgia’s year

We’ve got a ton of BYE games in the SEC this week; which is kind of taking the wind out of my sails after last week, if I’m honest. The majority of SEC matchups this week are later in the day, so you’ll want to take advantage of our all day football specials. We have $4 Dickel and $5 Tito’s and happy hour prices all day. We know that watching football can result in hunger so we’re giving you free fries or tots with an order of wings all day. Come watch with us!

Alabama vs Ole Miss (CBS 2:30):  I can’t believe we let Southern Miss score, our Secondary needs to get it together. But holy shit our offense is something else. I never thought I’d see the day when Alabama played more like a Pac-12 school than an SEC school. Not sure how I feel about this for teams like LSU, Georgia, and Auburn; but we’ll be fine against Ole Miss. The Landsharks never had it together against Cal last week. I don’t expect this to be much of a game, but it is Alabama’s first SEC game so I’ll be making the trip to Bryant Denny to suffer in the heat for the Tide. Before I go though, I’ll be grabbing brunch at GM to try out the specials this week. We’ve got a Bama Breakfast Sandwich with bologna, scrambled eggs, and topped with pimento cheese. There are two different frittata options that sound amazing; one even has bacon!

Auburn vs Mississippi State (ESPN 6:00): Let’s talk about the game last week against A&M. I watched it and was annoyed that A&M wasn’t doing better. During prep for this blog I pulled up the stats and immediately I thought: “A&M should have won that game; they were better on paper.” Aside from the early turnover they didn’t make that many huge mistakes. The biggest mistake was failing to show up earlier than the 4th quarter. The Aggies held Auburn to only 100 yards passing, which shows that Auburn still has work to do on offense. I still believe that against a tough defense their offensive line would crumble; Mississippi State is not that defense. The Bulldogs have been underwhelming all year long so their best will likely not be good enough against the Tigers. I’m sure that Auburn has their eye on their trip to Gainesville next week since this game won’t be much of a challenge for them.  

UAB vs Western Kentucky (ESPN+ 6:00): No one has been able to slow UAB down yet, and I doubt it will happen with this game. I expect UAB to destroy the Hilltoppers at home.


by Schloppy

USC vs Washington (FOX 2:30) Hard to believe this is the marque match-up outside the conference, but it is. USC has no running game and can’t keep quarterbacks healthy. Somehow they are down to their 3rd string QB while only allowing 5 sacks this year. Meanwhile Huskie QB Jacob Eason has been picking defenses apart. Look for the game to be over by halftime. Honestly just going to watch it to bask in the glory of USC getting crushed.

LSU (BYE): I was confused as to why there were so many BYE games this early, and it seems that everyone gets two. Which is good for the players I suppose, but bad for me because I want to watch good football every week. LSU will need the rest for their next powerhouse opponent, Utah State.

Kentucky vs South Carolina (SECN 6:30): I thought Kentucky played a pretty good game against Mississippi State last week considering all the injuries they had against Florida. South Carolina had a disaster game against Mizzou; they are now 1-5, so there is a lot of pressure for them to win this game. If the Kentucky team hadn’t sustained whole lot of injuries in Florida game they would have a good chance to beat the Gamecocks. Sadly, given the state of Kentucky’s roster the odds may be in South Carolina’s favor.

Arkansas vs Texas A&M (ESPN 11:00): Had A&M had played the entire game against Auburn like they had in the 4th Quarter they might have had a chance. I don’t think the Aggies have lived up the hype. They’ll drop out of the top 25 after they play Alabama on 10/12. Arkansas shouldn’t be an issue for A&M, as the Razorbacks are in the bottom three in the SEC.

Georgia (BYE): The Bulldogs need a break after playing the Irish, cause they sure won’t have to do much prep for Tennessee next week. Good for them, they deserve a break. Props to Georgia fans for being good sports to the Irish football team while they left the field. We like good sportsmanship.

Mizzou (BYE): Missouri surprised me by beating South Carolina. Guess they do have a defense after all. Their next game will be Troy.

Florida vs Towson (SECN 3:00): This won’t be a game, watch the Alabama game.

Vanderbilt vs N Illinois (SECN 11:00): Vandy isn’t the worst team in TN anymore, but they still aren’t great. I do think they’ll win this game though.

 Tennessee (BYE): Tennessee won’t have the opportunity to phone it in this week, which is for the best since they don’t seem to know how to answer a phone anyway.

This really happened. It was on national television. Embarrassing.

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