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Berkley forgot the title. Maybe he’s taking this Irish special too seriously!

Welcome to Fall (Autumn, whatever)! The heat has abated ever so slightly and yet I am still a big ole sweaty mess. With any luck it will be cooler in the upcoming weeks and I wont hate leaving the house as much.

I have heard some things that make me happy. This may be an unsubstantiated rumor, but if it is real, I am super happy! I heard there is a Publix (Greenwise or grocery or something) store opening across from EWTN on Old Leeds road. Or, rather I should say, they have purchased some land and plan on doing some construction to build a strip mall of some sort and maybe there will be a Publix there. Like I said, just what I heard, but I hope its true!

I forgot to include this in last weeks blog, but the picture still cracks me up and I think it is just as fine here as it would have been last week.

sometimes basic white girls gonna be basic. luckily basic white girls knew we all needed to hydrate last week

In an effort to keep you all abreast of the goings on of your neighborhood sports bar employees and owners, I have a short story to tell you which is also a movie review.

So we (Tini, Jake and myself) had our monthly manager meeting yesterday. Its the meeting where we discuss specials and other things that we need to focus on to make the business run more smoothly. We decided on quite a few really awesome specials, including this week’s badass special (more on that later).

After said manager meeting, Jake and I went to see Ad Astra ( . While I do agree with a lot of reviews that the movie is a successful attempt at making a less entertaining and vastly more boring Interstellar (, I will say that I would much rather listen to Brad Pitt’s calming and hypnotic voice than Matthew McConaughey’s lazy Texas drawl.

I found the movie a bit long winded, and the lack of gravity suspiciously not applying to hair or anything that would be inconvenient to making a movie. While the visuals were quite stunning, the lack of science in this “science” movie was also alarming.

Basically, if you’re looking to get some peace and quiet away from the kids or significant other and you can manage to stay awake through a long winded visual masterpiece, this is the movie for you. It’s also Jake approved!

Seeing him passed out at the end of the movie never ceases to make me smile!

Hate it if you missed the brunch special this weekend. I mentioned it last week in the blog, but I didn’t have a picture until this weekend. So, here ya go…

bacon wrapped in pancakes might just be heaven in a pocket

I will say, we did have a good bit of fun making the special today though. For some reason we were feeling very Irish. Don’t know why because we were pounding margaritas and tequila in the new Los Amigos location now on 7th Ave and 29th Street in the heart of Lakeview. They did a great job redoing that place. Having been there for the short-lived Byrd’s and many time when it was Rare Martini, believe me when I tell you, Los Amigos is the best incarnation of that space.

Back to our weekly special though… It should really be called the triple Guinness burger. Lordy, we went a bit all out on this one.

ended up being more than one can
had to throw some whiskey in there too!
jake is afraid of lay-backs. but thats ok, it still works.

So, as you can tell, we aren’t just blowing smoke up your skirt when I say this really is a drunken Irish dream burger.

#tully #tullamoredew #guinness

Two patties, Guinness cheddar, sharp cheddar, Guinness (and a splash of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey), caramelized onions and portobello mushrooms and topped with Guinness garlic aioli. Served with fries.

Make sure to check out Tina Turner’s weekly sports blog also on the Martys GM website. It is usually up by Friday night. It is a wonderful SEC preview and info source. Even if you have only the vaguest notion of what SEC football is, you should check her blog out because it is hilarious.

I know I have been talking about it for ages, but I just had a 2 hour meeting with our web designer who just talked me through and helped me with the organizing of our impending merch store. Now its pretty much just up to me to finish up the products and building the options. I hope to have it live in the next 2 weeks.

The best part of the merch store when we get it up and going is that for the first 2 weeks, everything will be 15% off. At least, I think so. Like I said before, online stuff is way outside of my wheelhouse. But believe me, when it goes live, I will try to give you a few days notice and we will be blasting all over social media and at the restaurant.

Also this week, Bronnie’s Brittle ( has a new flavor, cajun. We will have some in before the end of the week and we are super excited about sharing this new flavor with everyone. I am still working on finding some time to get over there and get sticky with Bronnie so that I can get some video of how she makes all that magic happen.

Until next time… Be safe, have fun, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

Ever your servant,


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