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Week 3 with Tina T.

The SEC managed to stay upset free last week as no one REALLY expected A&M to beat Clemson, we all just really wanted them to. One more week of mostly boring games before we get into the grind of SEC football. Hang in there, we do have a few exciting games this week. The Alabama game will be the highlight of the day at GM so come early if you want to enjoy this week’s brunch specials. If brunch isn’t your bag, we’ll still have food and drink specials running just for football. Prime time is sure to be a busy time with Auburn, Florida/Kentucky, and Oklahoma all playing at the same time. So come grab your favorite spot in front of a TV!

Alabama vs South Carolina (CBS 2:30):  We can make FGs now everyone, watch out! This is the first test for Bama, and the first SEC match for the week. South Carolina doesn’t look great this year, but I try and never underestimate playing an SEC team on the road. I think Bama will win with no problem, and maybe Tua will stay in through the 3rd quarter.

Auburn vs Kent State (ESPN2 6:00): Auburn did not look that good on Saturday. Why their offense struggled against Tulane is astounding. I’m noticing a pattern here and that pattern is Auburn’s offense is weak. The point spread should have been double what they managed to put up at least. I assume Auburn will get it together enough and beat Kent State. We’ll also be playing the Oklahoma game at the same time so Bama fans can watch Jalen destroy UCLA. 

UAB (BYE): UAB had a pretty good game against Akron beating them 31-20. They did give up two TDs in the 4th, but other than that they did well.

LSU vs Northwestern State (SECN 6:30): Let’s talk about the Texas game really quick. This is what I said last week:“Since LSU’s offense scrimmages against LSU’s defense I think they will be able to handle a Big-12 defense no problem.” Yep so that was pretty correct, and the only reason Texas scored as much as they did is because LSU made mistakes. The new LSU QB looks scary good. I look forward to him being challenged by a good defense, which won’t happen until Florida or Auburn. That kid needs to be punched in the face, though, because he was a world class DB during the Texas game. All of that being said, LSU will stomp Northwestern State.

Mississippi State vs Kansas State (ESPN 1:00): Kansas State hasn’t playing anyone this year good enough to gauge where they are really at skill-wise. Mississippi State struggled during their first game, but looked decent against Southern Miss. This game is in Starkville which is an advantage for the Bulldogs since they ignore the rule about fans having noise makers for every game. I think this has the potential to be a close game with the Bulldogs winning the day.

Ole Miss vs Southeastern Louisiana (SECN 3:00):  Hopefully Ole Miss found a groove last week and won’t embarrass themselves against a cupcake again. Watch the Bama game instead.

Arkansas vs CO State (SECN 3:00): CO State and Arkansas are both one loss teams at this point. The rams lost to Colorado in week one. Arkansas has named a new QB starting this game so he’ll be the one to watch. Hopefully Arkansas pulls out a win, but I’m not betting on them.

Texas A&M vs Lamar (ESPNU 6:00): I was so disappointed in A&M vs Clemson. I really hoped the Aggies would put up more of a fight. Sadly, they rolled over and let the Tigers destroy them. This week’s game will be boring, watch something else.

Georgia vs Arkansas State (ESPN2 11:00): Sleep in, run errands, OR come to brunch and laugh at me screaming at the TV for Tennessee to lose during this game. All of these things will be more exciting than watching this game.

Vanderbilt (BYE): They need a rest week after getting stomped by Purdue and before they get destroyed by LSU next week.

Kentucky vs Florida (ESPN 6:00): Florida wants revenge on Kentucky after they got embarrassed last year on their own turf. The QB that led Kentucky to that victory is out from an injury, which means a ton of pressure from Troy University transfer Sawyer Smith. Florida currently leads the nation in sacks which could spell trouble for the QB, but he has the most experienced offensive line in the SEC to help him out. I’ve said all season that I thought that Florida was overrated, so I’m not counting Kentucky out of this contest. Kentucky has home field advantage and I’m sure they want to beat Florida as much as Florida wants to beat them. Florida is for sure on upset alert.

Missouri vs Southeast Missouri State (SECN 6:30): You’ll already be watching Kentucky vs Florida and will forget this game is on.

Tennessee vs Chattanooga (SECN 11:00): I’ll be at GM to take advantage of brunch specials and to cheer Chattanooga on! The Vols losing to BYU in double OT was pure poetry. Robert Frost would have struggled to convey the majesty of all the crying and frustrated Tennessee fans leaving after such an embarrassing defeat. I’m certainly not going to try. The best news of all is they are losing committed players because they are so bad! Will we be lucky enough to see Tennessee go 0-3? It seems doubtful, but given the sad state of affairs up in Knoxville I am hopeful. 

Tina T.

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