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…and we’re back

Sometimes it is possible to have too much fun when you’re on vacation. This was not one of those times though. I feel that this trip to the beach (I hate the beach) provided me with just the right amount of fun and relaxation. That being said, thanks to my 8 hour drive home (it’s a 4 1/2 hour drive normally) from said beach, today is already making me long for more time off.

one view of the tire that decided to try to kill me.
the 2 tires you see here used to be 1 tire that came apart and tried to kill me at 80mph on the way home today,

So, lets rewind a bit to some more fun times. After arriving to the beach, I felt it necessary to point out just how hot and humid it was with this example…

needless to say, I spent most of my time inside.

I was one of the first to arrive and was greeted by Marsha who had super fresh beach hair and demanded that I document it.

Lots of rowdy relaxing ensued and due to the sporadic arrival, over a 30ish hour period, the vacationed ebbed and flowed, not dissimilar to a very long work shift except that we were both customer and employee and everyone was a regular.

Our company vacations are like the best parts of family vacations without the drama and doing them every 6 months is such a welcomed release for all of us. Thankfully, we have our customers, regulars and families to thank for always being there to support us and keep us going. Without all of you, none of this would be possible and none of us have forgotten that.

it was so hard to get this steady of a picture while being on my knees in the front of a bus on uneven roads. but, I put forth the effort and that is what matters.

My brain is so drained right now that I am trying to form some semblance of cohesive thought.

Fun facts though, Mobile has 2 tunnels (I had no idea) and also a pretty awesome bar with some awesome people that work there, Hayley’s ( Ran into some friends at the Florabama who work there and I just felt the need to plug them. If you’re in the Mobile area, go in and ask for Stephen. Just tell ’em that Berkley from Marty’s in Birmingham sent ya.

As much as I may despise sand, salt water, the smells, the heat and the humidity of the beach, I do really love the nighttime sky! Aside from the obnoxious lights of the oil derricks, where we were on the beach was almost perfectly dark. The impending full moon this Friday was already large and bright. The clouds were perfectly passing in front of it taking the ambient light from extremely bright to quite dark. The silhouettes of the clouds reminded me a horror movie which really made me smile. The picture I managed to get does it absolutely no justice. I will show you anyway, though, and maybe you can use your imagination.

so strange to have light as bright as that, but not be able to feel the heat from that light on my skin. It was 3am ish and I just loved soaking up the light of the moon.

Hopefully I will find the time this upcoming week to get together with my online merchant provider and find some time to get a lesson from my designer to try to get up to speed on how to integrate it into our website and make everything work the way its supposed to. It is a bit way over my head, but I am determined and I am going to make this online merchandise store possible!

It is nap time for me. So I am going tell you that the Muffuletta burger is back by request. So come justify me listening to Ron Bishop in granting that request! Thanks again for being there for us and I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend!

Always your servant,


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