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Taking The Week Off

I am currently on “island time.” Which means to me that I am going to take a week off of blogging and will be back next week (Wednesday, not Tuesday because I wont be back until then).

Rest assured, there will be stories from the beach. No incriminating evidence though. What happens at the beach stays at the beach (and maybe in my secret snapchat files).

Make sure you check out Tina Turner’s football preview and review blog ( ), also via this website. Last week’s blog was amazing and I am really looking forward to reading this week’s as well!

Bare minimum blog. Special for dinner this week is buffalo egg rolls.

we made a limited amount of these bad boys, so get them while they are around.

Brunch special this week is the Irondale Brunchwrap. We have done it before and will do it again, this time a bit differently though and what I think will be better!

sorry, no brunchwrap picture, but please enjoy this terrible picture of me from 2001. I look like im auditioning for a heavy metal boy band. thanks Robbie for sending me this picture 3 days ago so I had something embarrassing to share. Also, this was strangely on my moms birthday that year too.

And…. thats enough outta me for this week. Have a great weekend and may your favorite sportsball team win!

ever your servant,


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