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Ballin’ with Tina Turner Week 2

This was a bad week for the SEC with losses from Ole Miss, Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee. While Tennessee losing was the highlight of the day for me the other three losing was disappointing. If Auburn hadn’t held on by pulling a magic trick at the end of the game against Oregon it would have been far worse for the conference. The skill difference between the elite power schools and everyone else seems to be getting bigger every year. Even though the west is significantly weaker than it has been in years prior it is still the stronger division. Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and A&M are all very capable teams with plenty of talent that will likely have rewarding seasons. Whereas the east only has Georgia, since the jury is still out on Florida.  This trend seems to be affecting every conference in the NCAA, so at least we aren’t alone.

Week 2 promises more interesting games with Vandy and Purdue squaring off, LSU vs Texas, and A&M vs Clemson. The rest are a whole bunch of cupcake games. Two televisions will be required to take full advantage of this week’s matchups, but we’ve got you covered! We’ll have the Bama game on televisions and the speaker system, but still have plenty of TVs on so you can watch the A&M and Clemson game. If Auburn is your preference you can watch them destroy Tulane and also keep an eye on the team that will beat you later in the year by watching LSU vs Texas. With food and drink specials running all day you won’t break the bank while dividing your attention between multiple games.

Alabama vs New Mexico St. (SECN 4:00):  Bama struggled in the first quarter against Duke, but seemed far more settled in the second half. I feel like we’ve got a strong team that still has plenty of room for improvement. Luckily our early schedule allows for PLENTY of time for adjustment with no pressure. This is one of those no pressure games and will be a blowout. Seeing if Alabama struggles early again is what I’ll be watching for, and I’d like to see how our new kicker does at a closer range. Tua and the rest of the starting players will likely only play a half leaving the second half for the second and third lines to get some experience; which is why you’ll need two screens because Clemson is playing A&M at the same time.

Auburn vs Tulane (ESPN2 6:30): I was not impressed with Auburn’s performance on Saturday. I think if you put them against a real defense they get beat, and badly. They remain the luckiest team in the nation. Auburn’s luck should not be necessary for this match with Tulane, as they are a 3 touchdown favorite. Since the LSU game airs at the same time you’ll need two screens for this game as well.

UAB vs Akron (CBSS 11:00): This will be a tough game from UAB as they are playing in enemy territory. While they did win against Alabama State it wasn’t very pretty. This game is a bit of a toss-up, but UAB could very well pull it off, but it will be a battle to be sure.

LSU vs Texas (ABC 6:30): LSU took care of business last week like a good SEC school. I’m honestly a mystified why Texas is ranked #9. So they beat Georgia at the Sugar Bowl last year? We all know Georgia’s heart wasn’t in it after being denied a chance for a national title. Regardless this match will tell us a lot about where both programs are really at for the season. My prediction is LSU will wear Texas out with an elite defense they are unprepared for. Since LSU’s offense scrimmages against LSU’s defense I think they will be able to handle a Big-12 defense no problem. Bottom line whoever has the best defense for 4 quarters on Saturday will win this game and since LSU is SEC I’m picking them to win that contest.

Mississippi State vs Southern Miss (ESPNU 2:30): Even though Mississippi State didn’t have a stellar opening game they should make up for it this week. Their QB Tommy Stevens was fairly solid against Louisiana so I think he will improve with time. Southern Miss has the potential to keep this game close enough because their defense is strong enough to keep it that way, but State will still win the day.

Ole Miss vs Arkansas (SECN 6:30):  Both of these teams had bad week one games. Even though Ole Miss lost, the Arkansas win might be more embarrassing. This is the only SEC matchup of the week and it will likely be the worst one of the year. I said last week both of their games would be train-wrecks…well welcome to the train-wreck bowl game. I think Ole Miss will still win the day, but I doubt it will be pretty.

Texas A&M vs Clemson (ABC 2:30): This is the game I’m the most excited about this week. This game will tell us a great deal about Clemson’s capabilities on defense after they lost so many players to the draft. This is the only real test in Clemson’s schedule for the entire year, and it may be to their detriment based on Taylor Lawrence’s performance against GA Tech last week. Clemson’s running game was strong against Tech, but A&M will have a far more capable defense for the run game. A&M have the potential to keep this game close, and while it may be a longshot they could upset Clemson. Fingers Crossed for the Aggies.

Georgia vs Murray State (ESPN2 3:00): I haven’t said this yet on this blog, but I think this might be Georgia’s year of glory. They’ve been close for a couple of years now and are a powerhouse. That being said they are going to steamroll over Murray State and you’ll be so busy watching the Clemson/A&M game. You won’t realize this game is happening until half-time updates. 

Vanderbilt vs Purdue (BTN 11:00): I’ll be interested to see how this game turns out, but I think Purdue is a better team. You can’t judge Vandy too harshly after losing to Georgia, so they might surprise us all; but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Kentucky vs Eastern MI (SECN 6:30): You’ll be watching the LSU vs Texas game and might get score updates. I need Kentucky to win so the SEC doesn’t look completely horrible against teams they pay money to play for two weeks in a row.

South Carolina vs Charleston Southern (SECN 11:00):  It’s really sweet that South Carolina is letting Charleston use their practice facilities because they’ve been evacuated due to hurricane Dorian. We like good sportsmanship.

Missouri vs West Virginia (ESPN2 11:00): Oh man. Missouri. You should not have lost to Wyoming. You should know that everyone else in the SEC questions why we let you in on a regular basis. Missouri is picked to win this game, but I’m not so sure. This game could go either way, but I’m hoping that Missouri pulls out the W.

Florida vs Tennessee-Martin (ESPNU 6:30): Watch the LSU game.

Tennessee vs BYU (ESPN 6:00): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Looks like we didn’t need to keep Butch Jones after all! Tennessee losing to Georgia State was hands down the highlight of my Saturday, you can ask anyone who was in GM at the time…they’ll tell you about that crazy Alabama fan that got so excited she broke a glass on accident. Can they go for two embarrassments in a row? I certainly hope so, I hope they are this year’s Arkansas. BYU also lost their first game of the season to Utah, who is at least in a power 5 conference AND ranked. I think the odds could be in BYU’s favor. I know I’ll be cheering for the Cougars!

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