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Good Googly Moogly

Spell check really didn’t like the title of this post. But that is ok, I don’t need a machine to tell me what’s right and wrong. I speak language good. (Yes, I know that is improper grammar).

It has been a big week since last week, mainly for Tini because her birthday was yesterday and somehow we managed to pull off a surprise party. First, let me say sorry if you weren’t invited, I promise it was a complete oversight due to the fact that I had to send out individual invites and tried to remember everyone. It being a secret party, though, made things even more complicated.

To summarize, it was a fun outing and great to see some of you without a bar between us so we could chat like normal people. It’s always a great thing to see all of you guys and gals outside of work.

This is the majority of the “surprise” peoples!
this is a few of the second round of attendees who are incognito-ish

These two beauties are responsible for the majority of the decorations and costumes. Thanks so much ladies!
It’s a spicy and sweet 31 year old ‘murica girl featuring my mom in the background!

While distracting Tini from her impending surprise party, Tini, Jake and myself had a nice meeting to plan specials for the next couple months. We came up with a lot of new ones and agreed to revisit some of y’all’s favorites too.

It was brought to my attention that a lot of restaurants just throw things together to make specials. We definitely do not do that. I have a lot of “brilliant” (to me) ideas that Jake shoots down, sometimes (too) aggressively. He is very proud of the food that comes out of the kitchen and if it doesn’t look or taste good, he wont serve it.

Jake and I regularly test ideas and potential ideas. The main point being, we would never serve something that we didn’t have quite a few positive reviews from employees first. We care about our products from start to finish. I am always comparison shopping to find the best prices for our products while maintaining quality. I do not like raising prices. So to maintain the prices we have in our ever-inflating food economy, I work with vendors and multiple distributors almost on a weekly basis.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we care what we serve you here. We aren’t just opening bags of stuff and dumping them in a fryer or slapping them on a grill and serving it to you. We are not a big box or chain restaurant. We do things by hand and with purposeful consideration to make sure we remain your favorite neighborhood restaurant and bar.

Here are some specials from the past…

the puffy french toast that became a permanent item on the brunch menu
the Irondale brunch-pocket that we might bring back at some point for a special
avocado toast that was incredibly delicious!
and finally the caprese frittata

I just realized they are all brunch specials, but boy do they clean up nice! Brunch is pretty and delicious. I guess you can tell where my brain is right now… thinking about breakfast.

Thanks for all of your support over the 16 months we have been open. We are extremely grateful! So long as you all keep coming in, we will keep serving up the most delicious food we can and hope to surprise you with some of our strange specials.

Football season is just a couple weeks away. Just like last year, during Alabama and Auburn games, we will be doing happy hour prices on beer and well liquor. Unlike last year, we are open for Monday night football too. Come cheer on your team and keep Chris company.

Speaking of football, do you really like sharing your opinions about football? Let us know and be a guest blogger! We want to have Alabama, Auburn, and UAB hype posts every week. If we can get a pro football commentator as well, that would be awesome. (We haven’t decided if it would be more fun to have written posts or video predictions, so please share your opinions if you have some!)

Reminder about trivia this Sunday: It’s double points day! So you will earn twice the number of points for the season playing this Sunday. Bring your extra A game to this one.

Trivia hint: You all liked the music lyrics question last week, so I am going to do another one this week, but this will be a little bit more difficult because it will be the missing or described lyric from Disney songs. You’ve got 5 days to cram some Disney tunes into your skull!

This weeks specials are the Messy Marty that Connor insistently demanded is back, for most likely the last time this year. As well as…

Fried mac & cheese balls with a drizzle of sriracha and some gouda crumbles on top

See you soon.

And with that, I leave you.

Ever your servant,


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