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&;#@$% Spectrum

For the second time in 8 days, all of our services are down. This time last week they had a catastrophic outage due to something in the neighborhood being destroyed (like a junction box or something). Exactly one week later roughly the same time, everything goes down again! No phone (no call in orders). No internet (no credit card processing or music). No TV (no entertainment for the people who are forced to come in person and pay with cash).

I am so sorry for all the inconveniences that have occurred the past 2 weeks. It is something that is completely out of my hands (but rest assured that spectrum is quite aware of how I feel about them and their “service”).

AT&T is the only other option for us out here and we gave them a shot and it knocked our phone out of commission for a little over a month and they still couldn’t provide us with the services we needed (which I assure you are the most basic of needs for any company nowadays). Thusly we are stuck with the intermittent service. We will continue to update everything via Facebook and Instagram when there is an outage. Please bear with us and know that it isn’t our fault and is completely and totally out of our hands (raaaaawr!).

As I found out the other day, using symbols to represent profanity ( like the title of this post) is (are?) called a grawlix. Yes, that is a real word . I had no idea, and maybe you didn’t either. But hey, now you do.

I had a whole bunch of topics for this blog but they were all consumed by my anger at Spectrum. So, instead, I will talk about my new kitten!

I got her a couple of weeks ago and she has just been a darling ever since. I have no idea what kind of cat she will become but for now she is adorable and super lovey.

It took me a few weeks to think of a name for her (well, for her to name herself). We both had to grow together and learn about each other before I could become “Dad” and she would trust me. She sleeps with me most of the time and follows me around the house relentlessly.

I haven’t had a kitten in very long time so it took me a bit to get used to this tiny fluffball (whose colors blend into the rugs and shadows in my house) weaving in and out of my steps. There have been a few kicking and stepping incidents and she is gradually learning that when Dad walks, he moves with purpose and to stay out of the way.

Any frustration she causes is quickly wiped away when I see her sleeping next to me as I’m playing video games or Netflixing. Her little bobtail gives her the worst balance and I see her fall off of things and for sure not landing on her feet. But when you have feet and a cute little belly like this, no one cares how clumsy you are. She has earned herself the name, Snickerdoodle. Right? Too cute!

It feels a little cliche, but I snapchat my kitten entirely too often.

Wrapping it up for the week, our special of the week is something we have been wanting to do for quite awhile but just couldn’t get the right mixture of savory, spicy and texture down. Now we have and I am proud to give you the Muffuletta Burger! If you are a fan of a classic muffuletta, give this one a try. The spice of the Capicola is just perfect and mixed with the bevy of other delicious flavors, this is one of the best burgers we have offered.

A breakfast Poutine is the special for brunch, so make sure you come and check that out too!

As always, I want to say thanks to everyone for keeping this place relevant and busy. You are all my heroes!

Also thanks to everyone who keep trivia alive here. I do a lot of work for it and it’s very nice to have you come and appreciate it! I will keep up the work so long as you coming for it! As an added bonus for dealing with my scribbling, this week, here is a hint for trivia this Sunday that will not be posted anywhere else: Familiarize yourself with things that have only one letter for a name. As an example, James Bond’s boss is M. And with that, I leave you.

Always your servant,


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