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Lordy, it is hot outside

I know, I have a gift for stating the obvious. It’s this thing I was born with. But for real though, this heat is silly. I checked the temp before I left the house today and it said, 84˚ but feels like 98˚. That’s kind of ridiculous.

On the upside though, the tomatoes and okra in my backyard are in full swing. I pulled 2 huge heirlooms off the vine last night and had them for dinner and breakfast. Grabbed another one for dinner tonight too! In my opinion, the only two good things about summer are awesome backyard veggies and swimming pools.

House parties are great too and they seem to be in more abundance in the summer time too. There is nothing like a bunch a hot and sweaty people gathering in the kitchen trying to make the best drink for everyone else. I sound sarcastic, but I swear I’m not.

house party at my place before the real drinking happened

That being said, my work family is the best ever. Having been in this business for so many years, I know that one builds relationships that feel perfect and forever at the time but then dissolve into bare acquaintances because you’re both so busy that you don’t have the time to socialize anymore.

Make no mistake, this service industry business is a tough business with the same ebb and flow that are prevalent in every business. I am partial to this work though. This has always been my calling and though I tried to ignore it a few different times. I was never as happy doing anything besides this as I am doing this.

a perfect example of nerdy and happy.

Since this Irondale location has been open, we have expanded our family to include both old friends and new. The staff out here has really embraced the family dynamic and our totally new customer base. I feel that they have made some great new friends. I know that I have met some wonderful folks out here that I have eagerly rolled under my family umbrella.

Went off on a bit of a tangent there, sorry. New patio furniture has been ordered and should be here in a few weeks. We now have a dessert option on the menu, say hello to churros! Also we will have and be featuring Bronnie’s Brittle ( in 3 of her amazing flavors. Bonus that it’s made right here in Irondale!

See Irondale, you asked for desserts and we got ’em! I say this all the time, and I am saying it again right now, “if there is something you want, ask for it and we will do our best to make it happen.” There are certainly things that we cannot do, but, for the most part, your requests have been reasonable and achievable .

I am really glad that all of the Spectrum went down yesterday evening and prevented me from uploading this when I normally do, on Tuesdays. I had an idea and started typing it out but it was really depressing when I read it today.

I was thinking back on the past and how great I thought it was back then. Then I realized how happy I am now and how much my life and state of mind have improved since then. I even go to a hair stylist now. Not because I make more money or I am more boojie or anything. I have just realized that there is someone who can better care for my coif than I can. She lives in Irondale too (granted her business is in Homewood), so she is a local in that regard.

And now we come to the point in this weekly monologue where I thank you for your endless and amazing support of our business and tell you about the weekly special which is a pub version of a chicken parmesan sandwich. I call it the Italian Chicken Sandwich. It’s delicious and only available for a limited time.

As an added bonus, I found a picture of me from about 15 years ago or so. I was so skinny and weak bearded back then. So much better now.

The rarely seen and normally well hidden butt-chin. Think I should bring back the short trimmed beard?

Always your servant,


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