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Sorry For The Delay

It just seems like nothing slows down. Where is my midsummer siesta? While I am not one to complain about business, I don’t know how you people get out there in the heat. It has been an excruciating 100+ heat index this week with the evenings providing very little reprieve. So I guess I should be thanking you for thinking we are good enough to warrant possibly (actually) melting to go into the out of doors to visit us. So, THANK YOU!

Speaking of the out of doors, we have found some new furniture that we will be ordering for our patio that should be here just in time for it to be bearable outside enough that someone would want to sit there.

Chris, our newest employee, thinks that this week’s special is the best food he has ever had at GM. With my lactose intolerance, I can neither confirm nor deny his statement. I can only suggest that you come and try one for yourself!

Fried green tomato, pimento cheese and bacon burger.

I feel like you folks hear me talk about Marty’s all the time, so with the rest of this post, I am going to talk about something completely different. Movies.

Now, I am by no means a movie critic, nor am I qualified to give you a definitive “go” or “no go” as to how you spend your hard earned monies. For me, the movies are an electronic dead zone when I can turn my phone off and have some blessed freedom from incessant work and life text messages. I get to unplug and lose myself in another reality for 2 hours or so in a super comfy reclining chair in a nice and cool, climate controlled and dark environment.

I also have this thing called the AMC A-List ( where I pay a flat fee of $20 a month and see 3 movies a week for free. Now most of the time I only manage to see 1 a week, but the service is still worth it because I can see an IMAX 3D or a PRIME Real-D movie where the ticket cost $20 for just that one movie, for no extra charge. Believe me, I am taking full advantage of this while it lasts. Ok, enough of me plugging AMC (it’s not like the sponsored me or something, just trying to pass along a deal when I find one).

Jake and I had a rare option to go to a movie on opening night and there were conveniently 2 seats available right in the center of the theater. We took this as serendipity and bought our midnight passes (he is also on the AMC A-List so his $20 was also essentially free).

The opening night movie we saw was Spider Man: Far From Home ( . Again, I give you the disclaimer, I am not a professional movie critic or anything, this movie was AMAZING! Both Jake and I walked out of the movie at almost 3am completely jazzed because it was such an exciting and enjoyable flick. It was a rollercoaster of an experience with lots of laughs and excellent special effects with very believable actor portrayals. Fun for the whole family!

The next movie we saw was not so much of a good experience as it was a learning experience. Midsommer ( Everything and everywhere I see this movie advertised, it is billed as a horror film. It is not a horror film. It might be a little horrifying at times (for the general public), but it is very very far from a horror film. Both of us were very disappointed by the film.

My concise review of Midsommer is, “It’s a beautifully shot and directed film which takes place in an insanely gorgeous landscape about inherently attractive people that has some very extreme gore, but it’s never inappropriate to the story, and could be disturbing some of the more squeamish people; but it is never blown out or over done. The plot has so many missing pieces that if it were a puzzle, I would demand a refund. It was far too long and slow to not answer all the questions that it poses. Lastly, this movie was a very very dark comedy/mystery/drama. It really seemed to me, to be a very long and well shot episode of Bones ( but way less scary.”

To finish off this week’s blog, I would like to remind you that trivia is Sunday night, and it starts at 615 or so. We have great prizes and all kinds of fun things to give away, not just the weekly prizes but other things as well. This Sunday, Dave will be here from Cahaba Brewery giving out samples (over 21 only [I have to legally say that]) of their beer. Trivia is always a fun time, so come let me edutain (yes that is spelled correctly) you.

Until the next time I see you, I am ever your servant,


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