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…And We’re Back

After the heat has rolled in and everyone (not everyone because some folks are crazy) is longing for the cooling temperatures and Saturday distractions of college football in the fall. My favorite season is winter, and unfortunately, Alabama hasn’t had decent winter in far too long. So I’ll just continue to melt like the rest of the folks.

We are working on quite a few things at GM to help you beat the heat. Starting with our drink special this week. I call it the “Icelandic Shandy”. You will call it delicious and want a second helping of this delicious and refreshing beer concoction. The second is a cocktail consisting of Rumhaven coconut rum and coconut (it doesn’t really taste like coconut) Redbull.

A topped is great idea to boost your booze!

Brennan’s ( is the inspiration for the shandy. they have one that is also delicious. We have more plans and many more frozen drinks on the horizon also. The Mighty Morphin Melon, Tini’s ingenious idea, has become a constantly requested brunch favorite. If you’re not familiar with it, come see us for brunch sometime soon and try it. I recommend showing up early because we usually sell out by 1pm.

So now for the moment you’ve all be waiting for, trivia is back, starting this Sunday at 6pm! You know I wont really get started asking questions until 630 but it’s best for you come in early and stake out your spot.

This season will last for 8 weeks. Wrapping up just before labor day and the beginning of football season. I didn’t get around to telling Kendra we were starting trivia again, so I hope she can do it with me.

We have some new sponsors this time too (which I am really excited about). Cahaba Brewing ( is our beer sponsor and has multiple events planned with us for y’all to come try their beer for free. We also have Rumhaven and Tullamore D.E.W. behind us and we will have some events with them as well during trivia. I know you are interested in free stuff (who isn’t) so I will make sure there is swag and booze for you to sample too. When the weeks that we will have the sponsors here, I will let you know via the blog and social media.

here is the sample of our new promo poster

I can’t wait to see all of you and to tickle your ulnar nerve (funny bone) and get those neurons firing. I do love hearing that collective gasp when I give an answer to a question to which the answer was on the tip of everyones tongue and they couldn’t quite get it out before time was up.

Side note, you all are so good at trivia that it amazes me sometimes. Most of the questions that I ask, I don’t know the answer to until I research it. I am not the smartest person in the room, but I might just be the most curious. Thats how I write the questions; I think of something that seems interesting to me and then I fall down a Google rabbit hole and if I am lucky, it gives me a question or two.

The special this week, the “Stuffed and Topped” is the name of a dish that was served at my first bar job ever. It was 1996 and I was enjoying my first year at U of A. I needed a job and a friend of mine DJ’d at biker bar way off the strip in a less than secure (though not bad) area of town. A tiny A-Frame building with Sonic drive in styled parking spaces and a kitchen that I wouldn’t dream of eating anything out of nowadays and a bar that was as old as it was beautiful. I was hired to be part security and part whatever the hell they needed me to be. Sonya (Sonja? I really wish I could remember) took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know about bartending in roughly 1 night. I have done it ever since.

Back to the food special… While the one we serve is a slight variation on what the original was, I think Jake has done a great job at doing what I’m sure seemed like a stupid idea to begin with. Judging by the amount we sold tonight and the 100% positive reviews of it so far, I made the right decision to do it as a special for GM. We have a limited amount of these that we will prep for each shift and once we run out, we will be done for that day. So choose wisely.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a only-on-the-blog hint for trivia this week. So here is your special “find it here only” trivia hint: Facebook responses.

With that, I leave you for the week. Thanks again for making my Marty’s so great and a place that I am very proud of and happy to call mine. Your constant support is something that is both inspiring and awesome.

Ever your servant,


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