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It’s Roll-y Boys Weekend!

Thats right, it’s the last weekend of the month so that means… cinnamon rolls for brunch! Jake’s recipe with a little bit of my suggestion makes for a great combination of delicious and decadent. They became too labor intensive with all the other things we have brunch-wise, but they have a great many fans, so we compromised and will have them the last weekend of the month.

the triple butter method is what makes them so good
the homemade icing with just a pinch of orange sets them apart from inferior roll-y boys.

Last week was an exceptionally busy week for us here at GM. Thank y’all for that! Every day we are having new folks from the neighborhood come in and tell us that they just discovered that we are here because they heard someone in the neighborhood talking about us. That’s awesome! I love hearing that you guys like us so much that you’re telling your friends . Please keep it up.

We took our one day off (most of us anyways) and went as a group to Cahaba Brewery.

the selections at Cahaba Brewery

Pretty much everyone who wasn’t working was there (much to the dismay of Jerry, Annie and Alex). We had a very fun and sweaty tour graciously provided to us by Dave and Jerod.

Jerod: go ahead Berkley, put your whole head in there. It’s ok.
Berkley: Seems legit to me.

We saw barrels full of beer, and giant metal tanks full of beer in the making and scores of cans ready for filling.

she sure is teenie weenie by all those empty cans.

After the educational tour, and a few beers, we ventured to Paper Doll ( to watch a drink competition sponsored by (read: free booze provided by) Old Forester that had a who’s who of Alabama craft cocktail bartenders and liquor reps.

PM’s general manager, Ryan O’connor was the MC for the competition.

The whole place was super swanky and nice. Despite being jam packed with people and drinks, it was still easy to move around and get the complimentary drinks and food. But by that point, we were a little past the point where free food would cut it. We needed something a bit more substantial…. we needed Los Amigos!

savages at play

Luckily we were all smart and used uber or a designated drivers to get us home safely. And we are back on the grind today.

Special this week is the Caprese Burger. Exactly what you would expect it to be if you mixed a caprese salad and a burger. Put simply, it is delicious!

We are currently shopping around for new patio furniture too because summer won’t be around forever and it will be prime time to sit outside and enjoy those beautiful sunsets we have up here at GM.

Clear your schedules because trivia is coming back for 8 weeks, starting Sunday, July 7th. Sponsored by Rumhaven and Kraken bushwackers and Cahaba Brewery. I will post here the dates that a representative from one of them will be here to offer (free) tastings of their stuff and there will also be discounts on both of them during trivia. Two things happen when you drink and play trivia. 1: you get smarter and know all the correct answers! 2: I get a lot more funny on the microphone.

Ok, so only one of those things is true, but you’re so smart, you can see my sarcasm and humor there. Thanks again for reading about what we have going on at your neighborhood sports bar. Cant wait to see you all later this week!

ever your servant,


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