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A Burger Is… Home

“A burger is… home. It’s summer. It’s everything that’s good.” Thank you Jessica Jones ( season 3 opening episode. While I don’t agree with the rest of what the character said about burgers, the first part makes perfect sense to me.

Burgers are where our business started and where this Marty’s family finally came together (booze keeps us together, but the food started it). Over the years the burger menu at PM has evolved and even in the 1 year we have been open, the menu at GM has changed too. Making better, more popular, and the best tasting burgers has been our goal since we ventured out on our first expansion (yeah, I said first).

Phill and Marsha on the day they signed the papers on Marty’s PM (before it even had the PM moniker)

Funny anecdote, in the beginning, I was working 5 or 6 jobs, 7 days a week, in different bars and/or breweries. One of those drunken after work nights, I was chatting with Phill at the bar in the Upside Down Plaza. This is before PM opened and Phill asked me when I could work. I replied with, “Thursday.” He then said, “OK, Thursdays are yours!” (his memory/version of this and mine differ wildly, by the way) And since then, I haven’t had a Thursday off.

This is friends and family from that first day the lease was signed. It’s amazing how different PM looks on the inside from then to now.

So, like I said earlier, a burger is home. I’ts home for me and has become a second home for so many of you folks in Irondale too.

I am working with our design team to get some logos and some other designs for shirts and other apparel (shot glasses, stickers, beanies, etc.) that will hopefully soon be available to order on the website. When you see me at GM, let me know what you guys want that isn’t listed here and I will add it to the list.

We have a new hire for the kitchen that will begin his first week the first week of July. He is also an Irondale native. Make sure y’all come by and train him well.

What do you all think about a contest for drawing our next t-shirt design? I think it’s a great idea, but I haven’t approached my partners with it yet. I want to get your take on it first. Basically, we would put a post on Facebook and ask for your submissions. Then me, Tini, Marsha, Kay and Phill would pick our top 3 or 5 out of those and then post an online poll to let you all vote which one or ones you liked the best. Then there would be a big unveil party and we would give a special prize or prizes depending on how we do it. And that design would be available on all the apparel on the website too.

Dumb idea or great idea? Please let me know so that I can get this thing going or forget about it as soon as possible.

Since you made it this far, I suppose I should mention the specials for this week. For the dinner menu, the special is the Dirty Bird. It’s a house-made turkey burger with some avocado puree, red onion, tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese and a basil ketchup. Jake has no memory of devising this (it was the same day as that video from the movie theater on last weeks blog. hahaha).

For brunch we have the Caprese Frittata and the southwestern breakfast nachos.

Thanks for reading. I hope to have more info and funny tales for you next week.

Ever your servant,


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