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New Things in the Works

So far this new week has seen some changes and improvements as well as lots of good news and great ideas for the future.

First I’ll start with a great outing that was shared by myself and a few of the regulars who invited me to dine with them at somewhere not my restaurant. Now I clearly like food, so I agreed and joined them at Perry’s Steakhouse on highway 280 in the old T.G.I. Friday’s building.

It was a bit more fancy than Marty’s GM and a whole lot more fancy than places I normally find myself (because 4th meal is a real thing, y’all). I have nothing wrong with fancy; for my mother (bless her heart) taught me manners and which fork was used for what (and boy has that come in handy on a daily basis, kind of like all those calculus classes in high school…).

Luckily the folks I was with take me as I am, all 6’3″ and 300lbs of t-shirt and cargo shorts me. I walked in the door and realized that I know the general manager, the bartender, the assistant general manager and our server pretty well due to my years of being in the service industry in our fair city. From that point on the night just became so delightful and I wasn’t so worried about the fancy factor!

Not to diminish the incredible food we ingested, including some delicious and decadent Wagyu ( Nothing was as good for the soul as the company. Being with the new friends that I’ve made over the past year where we were being served together instead of one of us serving the other was such a pleasant experience. I hope to do more in the future. I am always down to do lunch or dinner with friends.

We had some good news imparted to us that I don’t feel confident sharing just yet. I am not one for counting my chickens… I will tell you that it involves the former Sam’s Club across the street and its future. We are super excited about it and think that it will be a good thing for Irondale and everyone out here.

In other good news, trivia will be returning in July and be comprised of 8 total weeks until the end of August. Look for more info about trivia a little closer to when it will start. Just wanted to give y’all a heads up that it is coming back and to clear your schedules accordingly.

Specials of the week… after much demand, the onion rings are back. Since we have the onion rings, we have to have the Smokehouse burger.

For this weekend, we also have some drink specials for Dad since it’s all about him on Sunday (and Saturday too). We’ve got drink specials all weekend with our beloved George Dickel as the featured spirit! The first one is the Dickel old fashioned with George Dickel 12 and the second is a Tennessee sour with George Dickel 8.

Special prices on both of those and my favorite breakfast special ever will be available at brunch! I am not going to tell you what that one is, because I want you to come and devour the best breakfast sandwich known to man (this man anyways. prove me wrong).

I hope to see you all very soon. As always I offer you my undying and endless gratitude for all you have done for us at GM. Thank you.

Ever your servant,


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