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Summer is here

I know there are some sticklers out there that will claim that summer starts on June 21st. To those people I say, “take a walk outside for 5 minutes and tell me it ain’t summer.”

Being the large fellow that I am, heat is not my friend. I am constantly looking for new and inventive ways to cool off. There are a few specials to key your eyes open for in the upcoming weeks that will be in the freezie drink machine and guaranteed to cool you off and lighten your mood at the same time.

In addition to the adult beverages, I picked up a box of freeze pops at the store last week and offer them free to any children (and some adults) that come out of the heat.

We are getting new beers and liquors in almost every week so make sure you ask about what we have that is new. I’ll do my best to keep y’all abreast of anything new or special going on here, but even I cant keep up with everything all the time. But I promised some pictures last week and here are a few of the Old Forrester “Whiskey and Wine Wednesday”. So here you go. Sorry you missed out.

tshirts, koozies, sunglasses and all the free whiskey you could drink

The Old Forester event was a hit for sure and a good bit of people got some tasty samples of one of my favorite bourbons in its many varieties. I will keep trying to do things like this in the future and to give you advance notice of it.

Speaking of new stuff, providing everything works out with our distributors, we will have 2 new ciders (Cider Boys Cider, Woodchuck Pearsecco) and a new Rose´(who’s name escapes me currently). Check back on Friday for those new things.

More news for the future, Martys GM and PM will be represented in the Pride Parade on Saturday the 8th. We will have a good bit of our staff in the back of a truck rolling around and tossing candy and such in the parade. Check this site for more details about upcoming things.

As I always say, we party as hard as we work. After our monthly manager meeting yesterday, our kitchen manager, Jake, and I went to see the new Godzilla movie. I was enthralled. Jake, not so much…

Concluding this weeks blog, our special(s) of the week are 3 new flavors of Wings: Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, and Cajun. They all get a $1 off addition of fries or tots. Brunch special this week will be blue berry pancakes. Awe yeah, I said BLUEBERRY PANCAKES! See y’all at brunch!

Your servant,


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