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Hope you all had a great holiday

Sorry for teasing you and only being open for one Monday before being closed for the next. It seems an awful tease. Have no fear though, we will be here for all your Monday needs (including some food specials just on Mondays too!) in the future.

We have a couple of new folks in the kitchen as well who come from different backgrounds than our other kitchen staff, which just means more ideas for fun and delicious dishes, for brunch or dinner.

Some of the staff have a special trip planned for this week to Tunica, Mississippi. The rooms are super cheap and as a business, we have unofficially be visiting Tunica fairly regularly over the last couple years. We are definitely a company that likes to play as hard as it works. Pictures to follow.

This week I think I will highlight Brunch. Brunch is my favorite meal and selection of meals here at GM. I am here every Saturday and Sunday for brunches. Brunch is always such a delightful mixture of people. Between the hung-over to the perky shoppers to the reluctant children to folks just trying to get something in their belly before facing the rest of the weekend. We have a little something for everyone.

Here is Jake doing what he does best, making those weekend crack rolls for yall

Originally started as a special, the cinnamon rolls were such a hit that we put them on the menu permanently. That could be said for a lot of the brunch menu really. The more popular something is, the more often we try to have it available.

That extra little butter dip makes all the difference.

Since the frittata is always changing, I took it off the main menu and put it on the “special menu” that I print every week. We heard you all too, so the burrito is on the menu for good. Just like the english muffin special that everyone loved so much, but said it was too big with 2 muffins. So I put it on the menu cheaper, with 1 muffin.

No cinnamon roll is complete without icing!

It was a rough start with brunch because we didn’t have any burgers on the menu. We quickly learned our lesson and added the Marty Burger and the Patty Melt as well as the wings and that seemed to please most everyone. I wish we had the room to run our complete menu and brunch menu simultaneously, but I feel that Jake would try to kill me in my sleep if I put any more on his plate for brunch. He dog-cusses me almost every week for the wonky specials and crazy frittatas that I entrust in him to make delicious.

For the 2nd year in a row, we forgot to do something super special for national Hamburger Day! Yes, that is a real thing and it is today, Tuesday, May 28th. I don’t know how we keep missing this very pivotal day, but somehow we haven’t made the connection to setting the date in our collective calendars .

Rest assured though… We continue to have some amazing burgers and cold beers, bushwackers, and frozen margaritas to make anyones Tuesday into a perfect start for a short week.

Keep giving us your suggestions, criticisms, and compliments. We really appreciate hearing from you!

Always your servant, SSDGM,


P.S. – if you made it this far, awesome! Here are the weekly specials! Also, I am impressed that you made it this far because I don’t really have that many interesting things to say.

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