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Moving Forward

Here we are again, 2 days after our first anniversary party and everyone’s compliments and smiles are still very much on our minds. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything this community and our beloved customers have done for us. We had a staff meeting today to 1: Thank the staff here for being great and for building a loyal customer base. And 2: To Remain vigilant and to redouble our efforts and continue to provide great service.

I really wish that I already had a copy of the new menus that we will be rolling out this weekend. but unfortunately that isn’t until tomorrow. All I can say about it is that we heard what you guys said and we have tried to comply. Unfortunately we can’t make everyone happy, but we will try.

There have been a few folks upset about the removal of the bologna sandwich. I am very sorry. In the year we have been open, we only sold about 110 of them. Thats less than 10 a month. In order to provide you all with the most fresh and best quality product, we just couldn’t keep buying the bologna to then throw most of it away. Similarly in a preemptive strike, we have removed the pork nachos from the menu. They were decently popular but were the only thing we used pork on and again, to maintain a quality product, we were wasting more than we should have. Couple that with huge hit of the loaded chicken nacho special and the soon to be rising cost of pork (due to a huge outbreak of swine fever, this is one of many sources about this,, it was decided to remove it before we printed the new menus. But on a more positive note, the nachos (with chicken) will still be on the menu and available in 2 different styles, Loaded (like the special) or Beacon (like the old way but with chicken not pork).

Also in an effort to better serve you, we started a class training the entire staff about booze. The history of it, how to use it, what kind to use, etc. The program we are using is called BarSmarts ( and starting with the basic level, BarStarts, to get the staff all on the same page to be the best informed we can be as well as being able to provide you with the most accurate information available.

Never stop improving. Enough of that seriousness. This being my first business, I am extremely excited about the upcoming year. This past year exceeded all of my expectations and I am very eager to see what the next year brings for GM and me.

Which brings me to my next and final (finally, right?) topic, the weekly specials. I listen to a podcast that has a joking slogan that I have adopted, “Tomorrow, Salad”. Not even I can eat burgers all the time, and believe me when I say, I can smash a lot of burgers. So this week, you don’t have to wait till tomorrow. You can get a delicious salad… TODAY! I believe a salad should also be a meal, and this one is. Featured here with some of our Wednesday specials, two delicious bottles of wine, $15 each on Wednesdays only and Old Forester Statesman bourbon that is also discounted on Wednesdays only.

The Summer Salad – grilled chicken, bacon, goat cheese, roasted pecans, apples and a blend of romaine and spring mix, tossed in a light raspberry vinaigrette

With that, I leave you for the week and hope that I was more entertaining and informative than I feel like I was. We have some more things planned for the future here at GM, but there is no need to expose ourselves completely in one post. The teasing and chase are the best parts anyways. Right?

Ever your servant,


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