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1 year and counting

First, let me state that this place would not be possible without the constant support that the Irondale community has given us. So, THANK YOU!

I cannot believe it has been a year since we opened our doors. And even more than that since we started working on the place and changing it from it’s previous incarnation as a Mexican restaurant. I really wish that I had pictures from before I came in and moved the tables and cut down the 26 piñatas just so that you would have a perfect representation to our beginnings. But alas, I do not. I do have this one though that is pretty close.

the oldest picture I have of the full place

Over the next two and a half months we revamped the space and made it our own. Luckily we had lots of free help from our future employees. Tini and Jerry being the real stars of the show seeing as they were talking a chance on our success by putting in so many unpaid hours with the hopes that it would pay off eventually. I sincerely hope we have provided them with appropriate accolades and restitution for all the help they gave us.

From the moment we put the paper in the windows while we remodeled, the community was knocking on the door and asking us questions: “When are ya’ll gonna open?” “What kind of food are ya’ll gonna serve?” “Are you still going to have those frozen margaritas?” Of course the answer to that last question is YES! During one of our food testing/tasting sessions that were BYOB, a stranger walked in. His name was Josh and was our official first customer. Everyone in the building was an employee or a friend or family so we just assumed he was a friend of a friend. We discovered he was not when he was trying to pay at the end of the free meal. We all laughed it off (and of course didn’t charge him) and he was one of our first customers on our actual opening date.

Just a few days before opening, this is what it looked like

Like I said in the beginning of the rambling blog that never seems to end (sorry, not sorry), you all have made this year go by so smoothly and quickly that it hardly feels like 6 months, much less an entire year. We are all humbled by how much you have supported us and been the biggest and best fans we could ever hope for. The most important thing I want to emphasize is that we are here for you. Without you, there would be no us. So please keep those suggestions coming and we will try to implement them where we can as well as trying to continue to give you the best service and products that we possible can.

Please come and celebrate our birthday with us Sunday the 19th of May. We will be doing happy hour prices and our Wednesday wine specials a from 5pm till closing. At 6pm we will be cutting a cake for everyone to share and have a few announcements to make that I am sure most of you want to hear.

Always a work in progress, this is how it is 1 year open…. and counting.

As I always say, I am very sorry for any grammatical errors, but I am not a writer by trade. I put booze in cups as a profession. Or, I did anyways. Nowadays I spend my time running around like a lunatic being thankful that my first business made it over a year without failing miserably.

Ever in your debt,


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