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10 Days and counting

Only 10 more days and we officially turn 1! It is so crazy to me that it has been a year already. I just don’t understand where the last 11.5 months have flown off to. The neighborhood and the customers (friends) we have made in the process have made this journey worth while.

We have asked you all, since the very beginning, how we could improve to serve you all better and you have always had an answer for us (thankfully). We continue to ask to this day. We have also, always tried to give you what you asked for whenever it was within our abilities to do so. Please keep telling us how we can improve and we promise to always try to keep improving.

That being said, I am going to use this blog entry to discuss some new beer arrivals and another more weekly event that we have planned.

First we will start with the weekly thing. We have partnered with Old Forester and United Johnson Brothers to do Whiskey and Wine Wednesdays. I, unfortunately, haven’t locked in the time for the Old Forester rep, James, to come in yet, but when he does, he will will be buying samples for everyone of the whiskey. Most importantly, the whiskey will be discounted to make it more affordable for you to try. The same goes for the wine. They provided us with some very delicious wine (a sav blanc and a red blend) that we are giving you $1 off per glass and $5 off per bottle. Join us to relieve your stress with some liquid relaxation.

Just a couple more things before I let you go. We have 6 new beers for you try.

Loaded Chicken Nacho special of the week. I am a bartender, not a photographer

I’ll give you a little info about them from darkest to lightest.

First we start with the No Joka Mocha from Avondale. It is a coffee and cocoa stout that is surprisingly easy to drink in the summer heat. At 7.5% ABV though, it should definitely be imbibed responsibly.

Also from Avondale, Sour Pash. Super sour and hit with a bit of passion fruit, this is a go-to for Summer drinkers.

Ghost Train Kaleidoscope brings us to number 3. Probably the most requested local beer. Sour, smooth and easy to drink explains why this is quickly becoming a favorite for locals wanting something tangy after work.

A no-brainer addition, the Back Forty Bama Mosa provides a bright orange flavor with a soft wheat finish that isn’t overpoweringly sweet or overly beer like.

Second to last we have the first non local selection from Original 16 from Canada and their raddler. Its part orange, part grapefruit and all thirst quenching flavor. Slightly sweet and a lower ABV, this beer is built for crushing in the heat.

The lightest of all is the Truly Rose’. Rose’ is the newest flavor from this already popular line of alcoholic soda waters. Low calorie, decent ABV and great taste make this my drink of choice for the next few months.

I will have more announcements next week about some big changes that are occurring here in the next 2 weeks. They are almost all requests from you local folks or improvements to give you an even better experience here with us. Until then, sorry for the type-os and grammatical mistakes that I’m sure I made. I am a bartender, not a writer.


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