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The First One!

This being my first in what I hope is a long series of blog posts, let me say, “Welcome to Marty’s!” Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, allow me to explain the purpose (and hopefully be goals) of this blog. I hope to post at least weekly to explain some things that we have going on at GM and provide some videos of us in the kitchen and recreationally so that you can all get to know us a bit better.

Here is a video of our most recent company appreciation vacation. We took a tour at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and here is the part with us on the bus being introduced to the facility as well as a couple other shots. We were all so enthralled that we couldn’t event make jokes (which is remarkable for this group).

I think that is enough for the first one. Come back soon (at least once a week) to check on what we have going on or just to pretend that I have something significant to say. 


We didn’t have everyone with us, but everyone who could make it was there. We have unfortunately lost some faces since this picture back in February, but we have gained a few as well.
Both bars got together to check out the last American-owned distillery known as Jack Daniels. Clearly I was the most excited.
I had a tasting class hosted by the one and only Jeff Arnett, the master distiller of Jack Daniels. He was an incredibly amazing fella that was unbelievably welcoming and friendly.

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